Hard to understand

Reasoning is as important as feeling: let's not hesitate.

But, the data of the reality that is the basis of scientific thought, tell us that if our grandparents and parents ... even ourselves ... we had not abandoned the good habit of thinking before acting ... possibly Venezuela would be a kind of Singapore, Uruguay or Belgium.

Let's say this is how we would be in terms of daily life and general well-being ... we would even have common savings "just in case".
And since it is never too late, I share what in my opinion ... is nothing more than nonsense.

Example: of the twenty-odd elections that have taken place since the turn of the century ... I only remember having voted 2 times for the government's plates and in 3 other elections mixing candidates.

In other words, even though I am a libertarian ... I can be classified as "oppositional" ... which is the denial of my current beliefs.

However, I understand that the former interim deputy has not only hurt us as a nation ... but has committed serious crimes and treason.

But no one catches him despite the fact that judges, police and prosecutors boast of their independence.

I fully understand that voting for Libertador would not elect friend Samán as mayor. Nor would I vote for the opponents in that municipality and I once predicted that the admiral would run as a candidate ... with the endorsement of having removed such Koki from action for the comfort of the citizens ... with which a mediocre administration would be worthy of succeeding for saying so less.

But if for some administrative nonsense, citizen Samán has to be excluded from the list of candidates ... without interfering with the Comptroller's Office, which must also be autonomous ... before they have had to take out the imported drunkard ... which apart from lacking votes ... is a record of a project for the next presidential elections ... and that until recently asked that the United States illegally sanction us.

There are other things that I do not understand but with them I could write a novel: however I do not understand why the lack of water is not resolved ... when it is known that in our country there is an excess of the vital liquid.

They are things difficult to understand and do not come to answer me with the excuse that "they are political matters" ... as if manipulating human baseness was a priority or monopoly of politicians.


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