Hail mayors! the trees that are going to die greet you

Census the trees street by street, block by block, square by square, commune by commune must be a commitment of the current and future mayors, of mandatory compliance tied to the control and surveillance of the communal councils and any other organization popular worthy of being.

Acting together with the communal councils is typical of being Bolivarian, but the proposal to census trees has nothing of original authorship: it is an instituted practice of the Mayor's Office of Barcelona, ​​Spain, which has reversed improvements as substantial as ir gradually erasing from the mind that of blaming the tree for the civilizational inability to harmonize with the environment.

The eminent Venezuelan intellectual Aristides Rojas cites in his Caracas Chronicles a few episodes of burgomasters and other agents of the Spanish colonial royalty, who during the seventeenth century caught for cutting the trees of the capital; with which the slow but progressive Caracas tree genocide anticipated the thesis Civilización o Barbarie of the Argentine Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, who in his series of journalistic articles made a book with the title Facundo, provides foundations to the old saying "Caracas is Caracas and the rest it is a mountain and a snake ”. Long live the cement!

Well, the killing of these living beings has not stopped; It has only adopted new and innovative weapons of massive felling, which have the strong supportive solidarity of the media, which have never hesitated to describe the trees as acting with silence and treachery to break sidewalks, fracture ceilings and walls, open hole in water tanks to cause floods and droughts.

Civilization has innovated so much in its arboricidal artillery, that the ecocidal behavior of stoning with cement the roots of the trees located on the sidewalks already competes with the injection of burnt oil and other toxins as expeditious means to remove the green from the city.

And even when the bag fells without shame and impudence remains in a menu of options, where there is no lack of burning and demolition with cranes, the cement tombstone takes more and more strength, because it closes the tree window with INRI and with it it eliminates the creature before it is born, while allowing an excusable knockdown of the tree with no apparent culprits.

The concrete burial is visible at the foot of any tree planted on the sidewalks of the city, but it is observed with greater intensity in urbanizations where low environmental awareness is manifested in a weak non-existent community organization; and where the municipal mayors allow their officials to use the saws as blackmail tools to “round up” the salary.

Under such a cloak of authority and with supposed aesthetic desires, they deactivate the gangs of the mayors or other organizations, whose personnel specialized in forestry matters immediately respond to the suggestion of any owner of a street or avenue business or Condominium Board, to throw saw to the robust Mijao, Caoba, Araguaney, Bucare, no matter if it is Arbor Day or Environment Day.

For details, look at the rotation of the ornamental inventories of the Cacique Guaicaipuro highway, formerly Francisco Fajardo, or those of Sucre de Catia avenue or Andrés Bello avenue. They remove the dry plants, add compost, bring and plant grass and shrubs. Time passes. No risk or maintenance. Everything dries up. They scrape the ground again, again add compost, bring in and sow grass and shrubs, and so on. Who will they buy so many plants from?  

Or pay more attention to the urbanizations of Santa Mónica, Los Rosales, Caricuao, El Bosque, Catia, La California, El Valle, Francisco Solano avenue. As soon as the old houses and their lush gardens begin to be transformed into businesses, concessionaires or parking lots, a logging starts with or without permission, argued with the hackneyed excuse that the fall of the mangoes causes bumps and the Macaws poop on their heads. of customers.

For families that pray together, the preferred argument to cut down any bush, no matter how small, when it is inside the house, is: "I do whatever I want at home." Not to mention the dictatorial Condominium Boards; and when it is on the sidewalk, it is because its root breaks the foundations of the house or is the culprit of the clogged plumbing, even though when uncovering them, the lady's hairs coiled in the wire are visible and noticeable.

Total, like any marginal minority in this fragmented society, crazy, gays, whores, homeless, little by little the trees have been and are being confined to their respective reclusions, such as national parks, special areas, botanical gardens, squares, where They give a losing fight for living space against permissive bureaucrats of villas, inns, hotels, cyclists and the destructive 4X4.

Therefore, the task of surveying the trees of Caracas and of any city in the country is not only a statistical matter. It involves the protagonist and participatory involvement of the communities in the knowledge and treatment of these sources of oxygen, water, maintaining adequate temperatures for life. It is to create ecological political awareness.

Census information allows knowing which species there are and how they are distributed. Which areas are deficient and how much oxygen and water they produce; how much carbon monoxide and dioxide they absorb.

In addition, a satellite early detection system of afforestation and deforestation processes can be developed, including providing clues as to who might be responsible for logging. The organized and appropriate communities will then be able to defend the tree as a human right.


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