Guaidó syndrome

In the narrative about the mafias we always find that one of the keys that contributes to the success of illegal businesses is that you do not have to consume the merchandise. This is how, for example, a drug dealer is more prosperous if he does not use them. Donald Trump, a man who has acted as a bully in both business and politics, seems not to follow this old advice. After his nefarious administration promoted self-proclamation as a way to "rescue democracies," today he seems to be experiencing the symptoms of Guaidó syndrome.

In psychology, syndromes refer to a set of symptoms that account for a specific pathology. Establishing an analogy in the field of politics, we say then that a syndrome is a set of features, which account for an anomaly in a political system. The syndromes are named after certain events that do not have to be true or famous, but that reflect the typical of the pathology, or the anomaly in case of what we treat.

The syndrome we are talking about is characterized by a systematic denial of the political reality in which we live, therefore, an illusory position is assumed, from which we seek to force the other political actors and the institutional framework of the political system, to which uses an infinity of mechanisms that go from threats to delusional speeches. I have named him after Juan Guaidó, a not at all famous Venezuelan character who, thanks to an elaborate US “intelligence” operation, was induced to proclaim himself president of Venezuela.

Today in the middle of the restricted, anachronistic and little democratic US electoral system, just to name one reference: it is a second degree election; Trump does not accept the results presented so far and slows down the transition for his successor. This behavior of Trump can be a predefined strategy, it should lead us to ask what does it contribute? Does it seek to change the correlation in the electoral colleges?

For now, fifteen days later, there are no official results, it is taken for granted that Biden is president, and using the jargon of the self-proclaimed: he is being recognized by various governments around the world.

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