Great responsibility for Chavismo

As established in the Constitution, on January 5 the National Assembly was installed with the presidency for Jorge Rodríguez in an act that part of the opposition tried to avoid through sabotage actions, typical of terrorism, highlighting that of electricity in the Metropolitan area; but everything was controlled in time. The 277 parliamentarians attended the installation ceremony, initially chaired by Fernando Soto Rojas -for his majority-, as well as special guests from various countries and diplomats.

The representatives of the opposition attended and one of them spoke in which he referred to the abstention on December XNUMX, implying that the XNUMX representatives of the Polo Patriótico do not have national support, but are not more than kicks of drowning, because the Bolivarian process presided over by Nicolás Maduro, initiated by the eternal commander Hugo Chávez, is consolidated and has sufficient authority to maintain that supremacy in the Legislative Power.
Gone are Juan Guaidó and his followers who will now have to answer to the Law not only for the outburst of declaring themselves President but for the robberies committed abroad.

To that is added the call for reflection to the leaders who recognized Guaidó and his band. All this is complemented by the cake that Donald Trump put, who took the right to appoint a president for Venezuela, to which is added the assault on the Capitol for which he could be prosecuted.

Moving back to our history, we have to locate ourselves in October 27, 1946, when the Board chaired by Rómulo Betancourt called for elections for a constituent that would be made up of 160 assembly members where AD obtained 137, Copei 19 while the PCV and URD obtained 2 each. Installed that Constituent Assembly chaired by Andrés Eloy Blanco called for elections on December 14, 1947 and Rómulo Gallegos won, who took office in January 1948. At 10 months -on November 24- the writer was overthrown by Marcos Pérez Jiménez himself who had led together with AD the overthrow of Medina

History tells us that when Gallegos was expelled, he declared to the press that this was a consequence of having taken down Medina Angarita.

True story that has to be known by parliamentarians.

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