Good bye donald

In a few hours Donald Trump against his will, but with the force of the votes, will leave the White House and many, still upset with what has been seen in these four years ... will begin to inventory.

It is difficult to fill the balance of a Yankee President as mediatic as Kennedy was ... but more lout and narcissus than any of his predecessors. The one that without having done almost nothing positive… will nevertheless be more remembered throughout the world than any other president of the USA except perhaps Abraham Lincoln.

There will be those who give thanks to the Most High because Donald left ... and on the contrary who swear to dedicate all his strength to Trump's return to the White House.

As a legacy, Trump will leave his lies and watering holes in a country where until recently politicians were left without voters when they lied. Also his mischievous tricks.

He leaves for history the disrespect for the institutions of an empire that demands the changes offered during his campaign ... changes that, however, he did not even mention during the presidency.

It will also leave when a large troop of followers has left as they were not seen before because only now are the impoverishing effects accumulated since the end of the last century afloat ... when the immense capitals that the worshipers of Donald Trump call the "Deep State" ... dismantled and were They brought to China the productive apparatus that, since 1945, turned the United States into the world's factory where every product proudly bore its “Made in USA”. And they left many people without work.

Those impoverished voters, like the Guarimberos in our country… require an answer to their misery… that Trump or the populism of the political class will not provide.

Remaking "America Grande" or the infamous "wall" were proposals left in oblivion while the mouthpiece evaporated the Yankee influence in the world.

He left us as an inheritance to have raised another fraud when from the White House they promoted with the imperial support ... an engineer without works ... matured with carbide because he had not even gone through a municipal council ... clearly a scoundrel ... cheeky and thief surrounded by thieves ... who was called from the north "interim president".

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