Ghost towns

This is what our “university cities” have become, and images and stories that circulate on social media and messaging groups report this from time to time. The voracious dismantling of their infrastructures cannot be hidden, to the point that in many there are hardly any foundations left. Hundreds of habitats, nestled in large areas; that for decades housed multiple spaces for teaching and research, today they are roamed by rogues and scavengers.

The foregoing is a tangible expression of the deep crisis experienced by autonomous public universities, to which is added, the flight of talents from the faculty, low enrollment and the decline in research initiatives.

Identifying the causes of the current situation in autonomous universities is part of an intense and unfinished political tirade, which among other things is polarized. In my opinion, the responsibility of the authorities of these universities is more than evident, since they continue to lead an old caste, which, for example, demands elections for a change of government, but obstructs elections where students and workers can vote in equal footing. These authorities as a whole have turned these institutions into an element for the policy against the Bolivarian government.

They have left the educational and investigative work to make these spaces, places for the conspiracy. The foregoing should not avoid a comprehensive scrutiny of the Bolivarian government's university policy, from which areas of necessary improvement will surely emerge.

Faced with this deficit in the autonomous universities, alternatives have emerged from the Bolivarian government, which are responding to the great existing demand for university training for our young people, which is very necessary in the face of the speculative supply of private universities.

Analyzes and proposals are necessary, but fighting the indifference, laziness, and ignominy to which our mater souls are subjected, so that these are made with the greatest possible participation. Not to restore the past, but to think about the autonomous universities for the future, as they must be at the service of the interests of the people.


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