A few years ago we wrote an article titled Butterfly, Don't Give Up, in which we talked about optimism, fear and pessimism. These are two butterflies that, by chance, each fall into an adjacent glass of milk. One shouted: “We are going to die,” and from the other glass of milk the other responded: “Don't give up, friend, don't despair, move your wings rhythmically and don't stop, don't give up.” The next day, they found a butterfly drowned in a glass of milk and another butterfly, weak but alive, in a glass of butter.

If a word or concept defines President Nicolás Maduro and the Bolivarian process, it is that of generativity, understood among other things as concern and belief in the future, regardless of adverse conditions or situations. Nicolás Maduro has assumed the commitment to build and make his ideas and dreams possible, with great optimism.

Generativity: “a term that emphasizes people's ability to develop and grow, as well as to make a contribution to society through activities that contribute to the improvement of the environments in which they live and participate.”
Nicolás Maduro, like Hugo Chávez, has demonstrated with his actions and life story, a firm belief in justice and social equality and an unequivocal commitment to human progress and care for the environment, confronting the campaigns of retrograde forces within and outside the country.

Sometimes I think that we have not consciously felt and valued the immeasurable government work of President Nicolás Maduro, who in the worst circumstances in the history of Venezuela (psychological, economic and oil war, blockade, covid-19, sabotage of services, blackouts, attempted assassination, territorial aggression, etc.) managed to maintain the stability and peace of the nation.

And if that were not enough, in the midst of the “perfect storm”, he designed routes of action against food dependence and improving the quality of life of Venezuelans, as is the case of agricultural production, etc., with excellent results that today We enjoy.
Hope is in the street and you will know him by his works, Nicolás Maduro is generativity, optimism, dedication, work, confidence, present and future.

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