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Far away from Europe

There are almost no Venezuelans who have interacted with a delegation of foreign observers, and the reason is obvious: when these gentlemen travel to “observe” elections in poor or impoverished nations, as is our case, they meet with the elites, never with the rabble. .

A respected delegation travels earning in travel expenses what a native earns in an entire year, and more.

Once they have left their suitcases – this type of chupópteros does not carry backpacks – at the luxury hotel where they are staying and, after resting, they go to the Executive headquarters to talk with the President.

The next day, after a guided walk through the commercial area to purchase handicrafts that will decorate their fireplaces, they pass by the electoral body.

And on election day they are rushed to see a table with its elements that cannot be missed: the line to vote, the confused person who does not know which table he is at, the soldier or police officer helping an old lady to raise the tables. stairs, and so on.

Be careful: this was the past. Over the last few years it has changed.

For some time now, these visitors are not third-class officials, who as a consolation prize were given a trip with juicy travel expenses and the opportunity to explain to their people that "the President is very human, he even makes jokes."

Now the delegations travel with the report prepared before each election.

Thus, there are delegations in favor of the governments and also in favor of the opposition. And for that function, delegates are required who travel prepared to say before the international television cameras that “everything went well” or that “it was the biggest fraud in history.”

This impudence and waste is well known, which is why it is not understood that there are still Venezuelans – very few – who complain because “the European community is not coming to observe our elections.”

It provokes telling those who act like idiots: if anything, delegates of those who have stolen our gold and foreign currency reserves can be invited.

From those who, without having any part, have sanctioned us and have impoverished Venezuelans even more.

Of those who do not recognize our Government, but do business with the country.

Those Venezuelans who complain are not stupid, they are scoundrels. Let's see if the Yankees invite Russia to observe their elections!

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