Disaster capitalism

That's what Naomi Klein called this decadent, very aggressive capitalism. With regard to Venezuela, this capitalism has shown no signs of wanting to rectify. She remains attached to the vision of the radical Venezuelan opposition: Call for immediate elections for president of the republic and general elections with another CNE. That is a proposal for unconditional surrender. Neither President Maduro nor the Venezuelan people, to which I belong, have given signs of surrender. The position is very firm in defending our sovereignty and socialism. The presence in the negotiations that take place in Mexico is based on the defense of principles. There will be flexibilities, but it does not give up the bottom positions.

I have been arguing that unlike Clausewitz times, today politics is the continuation of war by other means and politically we have been winning this battle. If President Biden intends to continue the line of President Trump, of ignorance of our sovereignty and our right to deal freely with all the states and peoples of the world, that will be a path of non-negotiation.

Something has changed today. The radical opposition has recognized President Maduro and the institutions of Venezuela in general. If President Biden does not recognize that this is the situation, he will continue to ignore our institutions, consequently the coup will continue to be politics and therefore it is clear that with the threat of a coup, there will be no possible negotiation. The Government and the people already have a very clear position. It is up to the radical opposition to define itself against the coup line of President Biden.

I believe that the radical opposition is not going to change its policy before the result of the November 21 elections. I believe that the entire opposition will set up a broad defense structure for their vote. The outcome of these elections is key to the immediate future of Venezuela.

Chavismo must carry out an electoral policy outside of sectarianism. Sectarianism is not only wrong but totally unnecessary. Not only would it affect the electoral result but it would defraud the discontented Chavismo and this, I believe, would affect the Bolivarian people, not only as an electoral force, but as a political force, more precisely, as a class force.


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