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Democratize Afghanistan?

Finished the dialogue with an agreement to be signed by Hitler or the Dalai Lama… the experts in negotiations… now they are connoisseurs of world geopolitics… and they travel to Afghanistan.

And when the nonsense surfaces.

The first comes from old communists mutated to adecos. Until recently they criticized the United States for being "the world's policeman" ... now they protest "Biden's betrayal."

But there are other nonsense: and so we have angry compatriots because "with the flight of Biden ... China and Russia win." Against the grain of history, these souls forget that China is home to Muslim minorities who are in rebellion.

And in the case of Russia, these commentators ignore what the invasion of Afghanistan and its aftermath of Muslim rebellion meant for the USSR ... still not reduced today in Chechnya.

But it is that apart from the love for their homeland, courage and contempt for their own lives that the Taliban have shown ... these gentlemen have taken more leaps of changing bands than Ismael García.

The Taliban were armed by the USA ... to face the communist invaders. Then ... they left Mr. Bush junior with the kinks made when following the fall of the Twin Towers ... the Yankee threatened them if they did not hand over Osama bin Laden. The response of the Taliban was ... "we do not hand over Muslim brothers ... and that man is not here."

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans have perished in this war: it is a lot, but the keyboard commentators criticize President Biden and applaud - I don't know why - Donald Trump.

Those opinion-makers are neither Yankees nor pay taxes in the USA ... unaware that 90% of the American population supports the withdrawal of their “boys”.

Be careful: neither President Bush Junior… nor the successors in the White House… thought to “democratize Afghanistan”.

That would be squaring a circle. They all fought in that country ... defending the interests of "the military industrial complex" ... which is now media and networks if one looks at the nonsense that write against Biden, Venezuelans without a candle at the funeral.

It is not in the interests of the gentlemen who sell arms that they end… the Afghan war… or the pandemic: these dogs of war became richer in Afghanistan than they were.

And by the way: would those Venezuelans who criticize Biden ... would they pay taxes ... to pay for the Afghan war?