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Democratic experience

The new Rectors and Rectors of the CNE have just been appointed and the inescapable responsibility of shaping the organization of the parliamentary elections, which should be held in December of the year, already falls on their shoulders. In addition, our Magna Carta foresees the possibility of a presidential referendum for 2021 and as if that were not enough, the election of Governors is also just around the corner. Much work lies ahead.

To all this, we have no doubt that the new representatives of the Electoral Power are at the height of the historical moment that our country is going through and they will know how to conduct themselves in the challenges that destiny has made them assume.

Dr. Indira Alfonso's long experience in electoral matters will be fundamental, so that the upcoming elections are framed within the transparency that our modern democracy demands; in addition to having in their hands the possibility of proposing and generating necessary changes such as the proportional representation of minorities that would greatly benefit our National Assembly, so that the debates are nurtured in a wide range of criteria and valid opinions for the development of the country.

I want to take this opportunity from this column to congratulate Dr. Frank Pic Durán on his appointment as Alternate Rector. A person distinguished that with its lights it will be able to contribute to a great extent with contributions for the benefit of the democratic system. Likewise, Dr. Gustavo Pulido Cardier, a man who has the seriousness that merits and needs this new stage of the CNE, has been appointed as secretary of the National Electoral Council, not to mention his mysticism of work, of which we were witnesses in its passage by the Government of Carabobo. 

Congratulations on the new Rectors. Our people and country expect the best from you. 

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