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Defense of humanity | Luis Britto Garcia

Self Defense is the most undeniable right, that of others, the noblest. The paradox of humanity is to find its most dangerous enemy in the human race; indispensable to avoid annihilating ourselves.  


Defense of humanity is that of the resources necessary for subsistence. We are the same species on the same planet with limited and largely non-renewable resources.

These have been voraciously appropriated by elites in a small group of developed countries that barely represent 12% of the world's population, for an orgy of waste, conspicuous consumption and pollution that threatens even the survival of life.

Safeguarding Humanity is to oppose multinationals monopolizing the land, subsoil, water, energy, food, genetic codes, with the sole purpose of denying them to humans and accumulating dividends. 

Demography and Society

Humanity is a single species; to attack one of its parts is to hurt all of them. Preserving humans is preventing them from being discriminated against for alleged differences in race, ethnicity, gender, religious belief, or class.

To defend Humanity is to oppose collective genocides of forced sterilization, wars of extermination, suffocating blockades, massive deprivation of means of subsistence, acculturation, expulsion and destruction of their habitats.

To defend Humanity is to get the 80 million people who work in Special Zones for less than subsistence to recover their rights, stripped of all their achievements, social, union, labor.


Most of the economic production comes from social work: the fruit of work has to be socially distributed in proportion to the contribution to create it.

According to the World Bank, in 2017, 689 million people suffered from poverty on the planet; This institution calculates that the Global GDP for the year 2020 was 84.680 trillion dollars (for the Anglo-Saxons one trillion is one billion). That magnitude was more than enough to eliminate hunger and misery, meet the fundamental needs of the human race and make decisive advances in the research and cure of the most widespread diseases. On the contrary, the Bank calculates that in the coming years other XNUMX million more people below the poverty line.

Amid this expansion of misery, in 2021 the 20 richest people in the world nearly tripled their fortunes by increasing them by $ 500.000 billion. To protect Humanity is to correct an unviable economic system that increases poverty for workers at the cost of multiplying dividends for parasitic minorities.

Just as human beings cannot be a slave, Humanity cannot be enslaved by an unpayable Public Debt that represents 256% of Global GDP: more than two and a half times what the entire planet produces in one year.

There will only be Democracy when the vote elects, not only those who govern politics, but also those who manage the economy, the way they do it and the way they distribute the wealth that we all produce.


Protecting Humanity is making it possible for all of us to govern the institutions that govern us. Political power cannot be inherited as private property or assigned by invisible entities; Every human has the right to choose, be chosen and governed by chosen human beings; also choose the policies to which it will be subjected in the social, economic, cultural, and control in real time its implementation. To prevent a country from yielding to foreign powers the sovereign power to dictate its laws, apply them or judicially interpret the application of the same is to prevent it from becoming a colony, and its citizens slaves.


The excessive production of weapons is the most lethal way of activating the economy, because it does not translate into consumer goods, and in order to maintain itself, it uses unjustified conflicts that in turn destroy lives and property.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, in 2020 military spending rose by 2,6%, to 1981 trillion dollars, while Global GDP fell 4,4%. About half of that war spending corresponds to the United States. What would have happened if, instead of applying such colossal figures to death, it dedicated them to its growing problems of unemployment, poverty, health, to defend itself against a pandemic that has cost its population over a million lives?

To safeguard Humanity is to prevent it from using the splendid gifts of intelligence and progress in mutual extermination or in the atomic Holocaust.


The Stoics held that all humans are equal in that they are endowed with the ability to reason. To stand on the side of Humanity is to ensure that this capacity is developed and has the tools to become more and more universal and fruitful.

Knowledge is the highest creation of mankind. Protecting Humanity is making it accessible, spreading it through free education at all levels, avoiding that through industrial regulations, intellectual property and patents, what is essential for all is monopolized for a few.  

Protecting Humanity is defending Truth. Just as there is a dictatorship when an unelected power applies discretionally and by force the policies that suit it, there is despotism when the media power monopolized by five consortia determines at its discretion what is communicated and what is kept secret from the vast majority of the human race.

To defend Humanity is to support those who defend the Truth. To those who denounce the conversion of the media into vast networks of banality, misinformation and espionage. Reporting crimes is not a crime. Punishing whoever reveals the facts is a crime.

Solidarity is the power of justice. There are no neutrals in this battle. Each act defends or condemns Humanity. Let's get on your side.