Dead asking for cocoa

In politics you are dead when not even yours follow you. Staying alone is unequivocal proof that your leadership, if one day you had it and it was effective, has expired and that only your body remains alive but not your ability to radiate inspiration and faith among the people who admired you before, so stay tuned. out there some who still experience the illusion that you woke up before among those who blindly followed you, and with their ineffable emotion to greet you they make you believe that you are alive as a leader when in reality you are not and what those good people who greet you express is more the compassion of someone who says goodbye to a memory at a wake than the lively admiration given to a true conductor of the masses.

Therefore, in order not to continue deceiving the unwary, the correct thing is that when you are politically dead you do not continue making illusory and inaccessible offers as when you were alive, because then what you are really doing is definitely ending the only valuable thing that you can take to the pantheon of politics, which is that residue of respect for you that you can leave as a reference of what you once were as a leader.

A serious dead man does not invent more. It does not hold rallies in desolate squares, in front of the same group of languid, uninformed people who still do not notice your political demise, not because you transmit any vitality, but because they refuse to stay in the orphanhood in which your absence leaves them, precisely because already the other options they had were exhausted in the same failed despondency of the glories that, like you, at some point were.

Don't go on talking about the “thousands of countries” that once supported you as if they still do, because then the ridicule you make extends even beyond what your momentary fame achieved in the past, when you were alive, because nothing is more. easy to water than the muggy.

Do not allow what little breath you have left to exhaust you in unworkable endeavors that only serve to disturb your memory. Do not go out and offer "national agreements" that nobody asks of you, because nothing is more repulsive than the things that the deceased offer.

He understands that the deceased offering things is not for ordinary Venezuelans but just a dead person asking for cocoa.


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