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Critical thinking and AI

This article was going to be called “Complicit University” and after some musings “The future and education.” The first title responded to a continuation of last week's writing about companies that make "degree theses tailored to the client", an old scandal in which the educational community has always had a lot to do with. The second name was to offer my point of view on how education, from the philosophy of the Spanish-Salvadoran thinker Ignacio Ellacuría, is the only way to forge a future based on realities and non-fictions.

However, I thought carefully about the state of the matter and what its center or paradigmatic example really is, and I came across the absolute lack of critical thinking in our universities and how artificial intelligence (AI) takes advantage of that intellectual vacuum to do its thing. : think for others.

“Thesis” companies and AI arrive as panaceas in places where the lack of categories, paradigms, theories and methods is evident. In short, in the total absence of truly university knowledge. These exist, but a large part of the student body does not make them their own, does not assimilate them and, therefore, does not use them. It is through there, through that crack or, rather, big gap, where facilism and academic fraud sneak in. Those who attend “custom thesis” services silently invoke the same principle as those who use AI: I don't think because I don't know how to do it.

The crisis is more serious because the university does not know how to solve a problem for which it is not responsible: the low academic competence of the students who enter. Today, the lack of critical thinking in our institutions is compounded by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of young people with great deficiencies in facing the challenges of training as professionals.

It is there where Ellacuría provides an answer from his philosophy of historical reality. There is potential in our youth, but for that potential to become a real possibility, a training process must be accelerated and thus modify the material conditions that allow us to build the future we aspire to. In other words, only quality education, in the early stages of our compatriots, will make possible the professionals that the Republic requires. Of course, without AI.

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