The US uses with Venezuela the discursive strategy, quite vulgar by the way, of the contradictory messages. They say one thing and say the other, “they say it all”, to confuse and justify themselves in any scenario. The Biden administration is characterized by disguising itself as "good people" and "novel", when in truth it is equal to or more aggressive than that of Trump.

Juan González, director for the Western Hemisphere of the National Security Council of the White House, said on Thursday that the conversation that the Government of Venezuela has to have "about the future of the country" is not with the US Government but with Juan Guaidó . And he added: "We are not going to impose conditions on that process, it is a totally Venezuelan process." So far, it seems as if the gringos were very respectful and had a different policy from the previous one. But it didn't take long for the contradiction to appear.

He immediately stated: “If we see acts by the regime that show confidence and commitment to an electoral process, we will take action. I would say that the first action they must take, and everyone is pending, is the formation of the National Electoral Council. I think that will tell us all if Maduro is serious about the process, or if not. In other words, we will know very soon if we are going down a path where things are going to move forward and we are going to lift the pressure, or if we are going to be preparing in the long term and form a multilateral coalition that will continue to increase the pressure on Maduro " .

Their way of "not imposing conditions" is to offer to "lift the pressure" if a CNE is appointed that "generates confidence". But, if not, it threatens to force other countries to increase the blockade and sanctions, that is, more hunger and misery for Venezuela.
But after all that talk, the man released the most direct sentence: "There is no step towards normalization here, based on all the injustices that the Venezuelan people have suffered." In other words, the above quickly turns to straw.

In the face of contradiction, the best answer is coherence. The National Assembly must appoint a CNE that shows seriousness and generates trust, not in the gringos, but in the internal actors, so that the political space becomes more dynamic. Only in this way will Venezuela be able to advance in an “anti-blockade” strategy, which, after all, is what we have to do in the long term.


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