Commune versus Duke lackey

The Colombian offensive, organized by the US, as President Maduro well knows, not only poses the real threat of attacking us militarily, but it itself forces us to make decisions, which involve financial costs, of mobilizing weapons and troops. , propaganda in general and war propaganda in particular, psychological warfare, medical care and military health, diplomatic work, permanent political and military training and education, national and international intelligence and counterintelligence, in short, everything that the war and the preparation for it forces us to carry out and that we are certainly doing.

Special chapter deserves the economic and social war. Especially since this is the one that can create more confusion, misunderstandings and despair in the daily life of the population. That is why imperialism devotes particular attention to it, generating and multiplying shortages of all kinds: food, medicine, water, electricity, health and social care services, insecurity, robberies, rapes, kidnappings, in short, everything that contributes to turn day to day into hell. Cause constant criticism of what the government and particularly President Maduro, does or does not do.

The policy of Iván Duque, president of Colombia, can only be base and criminal. Our strategy must be as flexible as it needs to be and firmly socialist and communal. Now is when we must most remember and understand that essential line of President Chávez: Commune or Nothing. Which for me sums up strategy and tactics, as this quote illustrates:
"It is both a political organization and a social relationship based on autonomy, self-management and self-government ... The commune is a space that makes it possible to simultaneously transcend private property, wage labor and the bourgeois state." (Miguel Mazzeo, 2015).

The commune must be a school of struggle, of socialism. It is an awakening that goes beyond the bureaucratic and clientelist routine. It is not possible to advance if you do not break with individualism. Chávez's Nothing was final: he considered the commune as if it were "his life itself" (Chávez's), as the "soul of the process." It requires checking daily that the seed takes root and grows towards a horizon of full freedom.

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