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Censorship on the networks? (YO)

The appearance of freedom that exists in the so-called social networks is one of the most controversial aspects about the existence of these media.

The majority of people who live in these networks venture into them with complete ignorance of the serious consequences that they can have on their health and on their public and private lives.

The documentary The Social Media Dilemma, produced by Netflix, highlights a phrase that should raise alarm bells in schools, high schools, teachers, parents, representatives, in short, in society as a whole: “If you don't pay for the product, the product is you.”

With this expression, the audiovisual material explains that the “free” services on social networks are due to the fact that their main product is the users. Facebook, Instagram, clicks and browsing time.

Everything you do on the social network is recorded and systematized to be marketed for marketing purposes.

Personal data and even everything you have on your phone, photos, contacts, Google searches, and much more, is susceptible to being capitalized by “friendly” digital platforms.

The networks are designed to “remember” your entire usage history and send you automatic notifications based on your searches and clicks, in such a way as to keep you hooked on the social network for longer based on your expressed tastes.

This technological Frankenstein called social networks is capable of generating knowledge about the most intimate tastes of its consumers, achieving a capacity for persuasion that is above the understanding of the majority of its adult users, not to mention children and adolescents.

The algorithm points in the same direction when it suggests to its users more and more content that reinforces the beliefs detected. This implies a capacity to influence the radicalization and isolation of the Internet user, who dives into a sea of ​​information in accordance with his favoritism, ignoring that information that differs from your “favorite perception” is deliberately blocked.

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