Abur Donald ...

It was impossible that a presidency like Donald Trump's could conclude with an outstanding evaluation that endorsed his re-election.

It was a sad period, where he poured the full range of snorts, insults, threats, half-truths and lies displayed.
Brutalities that came out of his uncontrolled brain for four years. His discursive pathology adorned by an incessant aggressive loquacity, impossible to copy whose only finish was to give effect to an insipid pretext: “Make America Great Again”.
Period of pathological paraphernalia that played with the beads loaded with the abundance of national symbols as scenery that framed its unthinkable final tragedy.

The trigger for this outbreak of 5E was a speech in the vicinity of the White House, where Trump repeated that the elections had been stolen. Dozens of alienated then headed to the Capitol, where the incidents are recorded.
The real thing, the Democrats, have taken Georgia's two seats in the Senate this Wednesday and snatch control of the upper house from the Republicans.

Its end is marked by hundreds of protesters who burst into the United States Capitol, urged on by President Donald Trump. Such horrendous preamble and its denouement leaves the world stunned. So much so that the incidents force Vice President Mike Pence to be evacuated and to suspend the session in which the votes that gave Joe Biden the presidency had to be ratified; that in his flight from this hell he declared: "This is not a protest, it is a coup."

In Venezuela, some, of outrageous adjectives, insist on saying, even after the coven, "that the USA democtacy is the center of the Free World." What B…

Trump orders to mobilize the National Guard in Washington. And another power more real than that which the president intends to exercise, the Pentagon, tells him that it does not accept his order. Contradiction that the North American press could not explain.
Ten former defense secretaries in a letter to The Washington Post, warn: "to involve the Army in an electoral dispute is to cross into dangerous territory."

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, one of the conservatives who sound like possible Republican candidates for 2024, pointed out that he will not be part of this ploy and warns, those dribbles "will not give him a second term." The final stretch of the era of Donald Trump has entered into governmental and ethical deflagration, that is, Abur Donald….

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