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The Naking Massacre, 1937-1938

Joe Biden, the outdated bully who, because he is president of the United States, believes himself to be the emperor and owner of the world, continues in his dangerous game of skirting a nuclear war every day by threatening and attacking Russia and China together to show that with him at the fore, his The country is going to regain its imperial status as master of the planet by force. But it is late and as expected, things go wrong for him, so he becomes entangled or loses all sense of reality due to his clumsiness and unspeakable cynicism.

He does not know what to do with Russia. A month ago he called Putin a murderer. He gave him a lesson by inviting him to meet to discuss the world situation without teleprompter and no prepared questions. He declined the invitation. The United States, master of the world, does not agree to be summoned to meetings. It is he who calls them. So, after the month and in the middle of Defense Europe, a military operation of NATO, that is, American, to defend Europe against an absurd and non-existent Russian threat, an operation that has filled the servile Old Continent with troops Yankees, Biden summons Putin (whom he now called Clutin) to meet him in that skewed scenario. And to show who the master is, he sanctions 10 Russian diplomats. But Putin, who when called a murderer called his ambassador to the United States for consultations, has kept him in Moscow, and in response to the clumsy invitation and the new sanctions, he asked the American ambassador to go to his country to discuss the situation. with his boss. In addition, it sanctioned 10 diplomats in response Yankees and threatened to expel another 150 if Biden continued with his sanctions. Thus, diplomatic relations have been suspended and the bewildered and clumsy Biden now has to decide.

But the relationship that worsens daily is the one he maintains with China, since Biden, increasingly desperate and aggressive, acting with a cynicism that combines pride, ignorance and contempt for the other, has lost all sense of reality by lying with him. more impudence and without the least shame. What the White House reports about a recent conversation between Biden and the Japanese prime minister, I think so far is a clear example of this.

After being defeated by the United States in the Second World War, Japan is converted into a servile colony of the United States and it is until now. In a dialogue between the president Yankee and the Japanese prime minister, the former speaks and orders and the latter obeys and repeats. It matters, then, what Biden says: that the United States has decided to defend Japan using nuclear weapons. The height of cynicism. Today's humanity has a bad memory and that of the youngest is brief. But I do not think that anyone is ignorant or has forgotten that the only country that has dropped atomic bombs against civilian populations has been the United States, and that it did so precisely against Japan, in August 1945. Now the cynical gringo president speaks of using them to defend it. Whose? Who threatens him?

Who could it be? China. Biden says China threatens Japan. Slander without any basis. China is armed to repel attacks Yankees, but it does not threaten anyone and has trade agreements with Japan. And this is the one that has invaded China. That invasion, which was not centuries ago but in the third / fourth decade of the last century, left a bloody trail of brutal crimes against the Chinese people. To remember it is to expose the cynicism of Biden with his now protective bombs and the still greater one in Japan, who hush, minimize or deny that genocidal massacre.

In 1931 Japan invades the weakened China. It takes over Manchuria, a mineral-rich northern Chinese province. He separates it from China, turns it into an empire giving it the name Manchukuo, looks for Henry Puyí, the last heir to the Chinese Empire overthrown in 1911, crowns him emperor and puts him as a puppet at the head of that grotesque Empire. However, this is the least of it, it was a simple armed robbery of territory, and Japan, almost without violence, defeated the weak Chinese resistance and mounted its puppet empire.

The monstrous comes later. In 1936, Japan decided to take over all of China by fire and blood. His troops take Shanghai and then rush against Nanking, the capital. And there they carry out the most gruesome massacre of the entire Second War, committing repulsive crimes en masse that are difficult to describe.

My idea is not to turn this article into a museum of horrors, but to show that I am not exaggerating I must give an example. The Japanese military idea was to kill all the Chinese, whom they considered subhuman, and to do it in the worst way. By the tens of thousands, the men were shot en masse or executed with a bayonet. Or they were gathered in groups of 10 or 20, tied together with barbed wire, doused with gasoline and burned alive. Or they were forced to open round mass graves and beheaded with bayonets to make them fall one after another into the hole. Or they would be buried up to their necks, alive, and prodded by German Shepherd dogs that smashed their heads. Or the soldiers themselves would gouge out their eyes with their bayonets and make them fall into the pit. Or, something more disgusting, they were made to kneel before the grave and beheaded from behind, but leaving the head hanging supported by a piece of the skin of the neck until its weight pushed the corpse to fall into the pit. It was common to see scores of murdered children or babies impaled by the soldiers with their bayonets. The massive rape of women, from girls to old women, was appalling, and to avoid complaints it always ended with the death of the raped woman, decapitating her with the bayonet or cutting her breasts and pieces of her body with it and then driving stakes into her vagina.

The Nanking massacre lasted for 6 weeks, between December 1937 and February 1938, and the total number of deaths it produced, almost all civilians: men, women and children, is almost 500.000 murdered, more than double those caused. for the atomic bombs that the United States dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And perhaps the most scandalous of all this is that Japan continues to deny that this horrible massacre happened, or reduce it with the greatest blatance to the massacre of a few soldiers.

But there is more. In its war against China, now turned into a World War, Japan counted on Shiro Ishi. It has been compared to Mengele, the Nazi doctor from the criminal experiments on Jews, Gypsies and Communists. But Shiro Ishi was worse because he was also a microbiologist. And his criminal activity in this field, in Japan-occupied China between 1936 and 1945, at the head of battalion 731 of the invading Japanese army, conducting massive experiments to spread viruses and infectious diseases with the Chinese population, produced nearly 600.000 deaths. In 1946, the Court that the United States created to try war crimes in Asia, tried him. But he offered him all the valuable information resulting from his experiments and the United States, in return, did not blame him and set him free. By the way, that Court Yankee it pardoned almost all the accused war criminals, including those responsible and protagonists of the Nanking massacre. Japan was now a friend. And to friends ... Shiro Ishi lived happily and died in bed, from cancer, in 1959.

And there was another new friend the United States forgave: Emperor Hirohito, whom the Japanese regarded as a living god. This living god was an accomplice to all the invasions and crimes of the Japanese Empire in those decades. The United States took away his power, but did not judge him. Then he dedicated himself to ichthyology. He filled the imperial palace with aquariums and fed minnows until his death. For this reason, so that they do not lie to us and deceive us so easily, it is advisable not to lose our memory and always keep it in mind.


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