Between faith and the subject

The proposed Anti-Blockade Law that circulated on social networks, did give rise to debate, especially on the side of those of us who promote the Bolivarian revolution. Of the expressions that I heard, there was one that kept sounding to me for days, and it was the phrase: "Doubt offends." Which seems to me that although it is true, the critic admitted, it also tried to castrate any possibility of debate, reducing everything to an act of faith; although the contributions of those who deliberate are valid and timely. In the political field, where we are, debate and deliberation are essential and we do not have to agree on everything, especially if fundamentally and I think that happened with the proposal, we agree on the purpose, but objections are expressed in relation to how and with whom we deal with unilateral coercive measures.

From the law now approved within the National Constituent Assembly, I see at least two problems, the first and foremost: the subject. According to the text, to face unilateral coercive measures, the private sector is privileged and therefore key guidelines are established for them to operate, which in my opinion will make the public and the communal marginal, in the end. The second problem is that the information blackout that de facto exists is made official, as a defense tactic, in a reasoning that postulates: the less the enemy knows, the less they can design or refine the actions of aggression. We must be concerned with the fact that this information reserve does not serve any particular purpose and makes it difficult for the popular comptroller.

Now, one wonders what explains this orientation for defense against external aggressions, and there are several things, but I will refer to at least two, there is a lack of credit of the Chavista high leadership in popular and communal action They do not believe in what the people can do, and those who offer short-term results and with old formulas are listened to. Second, the organized people are on standby, they do not assume themselves as subjects, but rather as objects of the policy of our Bolivarian Government.
What to do, preach with action. Those of us who are convinced that the formula to face external aggressions is different, because let's demonstrate it in the facts, defending the public and the communal.

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