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Bets, surveys and concentrations

In this first part of the month of June 2024, there is a great stir within the campaign commands of the nine opposition presidential candidates who are competing for the elections on Sunday, July 28, 2024, because time is passing (less than eight are left). weeks) and each of them wants to be the long-awaited “single and unified candidate” of Venezuelan anti-Chavismo.

They know very well that it is the only electoral possibility they have and that at the end of the electoral campaign, only two presidential candidates should be present: the Chavista and the anti-Chavista.

Pessimism reigns in the opposition political environment, but the pride of “the perfect politicians of the right” prevents them from publicly expressing that they are electorally lost, since they apply the popular saying: “The procession goes inside” and the only thing they are Trying to confuse the image of losers is to invent surveys where they place the opposition presidential candidates with good percentages.

However, at this time there is a triad of indicators that are affecting the electoral projections for the entire extreme right, including its variety of nuances. First of all, the results of all the surveys carried out so far, throughout the country, indicate that the winning trend is maintained by the presidential candidate Nicolás Maduro, and most importantly, is the overwhelming difference with respect to the one that appears in second place when compared to the other eight presidential candidates, who have extremely low percentages of voting intention.

Secondly, we have the case of the so-called public rallies of the sympathizers and militants of the different political parties that support the 10 presidential candidates, on the one hand, the meetings with the President of the Republic, anywhere in Venezuela. , have been massive concentrations, which do not compare with the photographic tricks of the opposition.

And thirdly, the bets on Polymarket lean 82% in favor of the victory of Nicolás Maduro, while the opposition poster candidate has 18%.

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