A great battle that of Jorge Arreaza in Barinas. Good deployment, immersion in reality, acquisition of knowledge about the problems, approach to the people and speed in formulating policies to give revolutionary responses.

I'm not a barinologist, but I guess it took more time to get more progress. We improved our results compared to what we had achieved in the November elections, but victory was not achieved. It is not for me to say what was wrong or right in the contest. I was not there and I do not know in depth the problems that had to be solved.

A friend said that the most valuable discussion is the one in which one loses, because in it one learns something. From here we will surely learn something, although in Revolution, I think, there is always everything to learn. We aim to create a new world and there are no manuals for doing it. There is no such manual even though there are people who believe that some ideologues have already solved everything.

Faced with situations like this, I always remember the attitude of Commander Hugo Chávez, that of seeking the version of the most humble, being with them, in their circumstances, and from there thinking about the necessary policies. I remember it together with the verse by José Martí, “… I want to cast my luck with the poor of the earth”.

I also remember the reference to a map of Russia that the Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin had in his office, in which with different colored signs he could identify important elements of the complex reality of his country. There the languages, religions, organizations and the most pressing problems of each republic or region were identified, since he knew that politics could not only be general and should be linked to the particularities and needs of the different realities to which it had to respond.

The right wing and some chavologists, even some maturationists, are working hard to frame the Barinas results semantically, holistically, historically and doctrinally.

Good luck with that.

I also wish the governor-elect luck. I would like him to dedicate himself to being governor, to showing that a better regional management can be carried out than the one that Chavismo would do. It will be sad to see him dedicated to destabilizing and conspiring, as has happened in almost all cases of local and regional opposition administrations, which are dedicated to throwing firebombs instead of fulfilling their promise to distribute water.


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