Assassins of democracy

A beatification and two deaths marked the week: as planned Caracas was filled with religious leaders invited to certify with their presence the union of the CEV with the popular cult of the Doctor of the Poor. A welcome apostille even though it is late at least half a century.

The deaths, although one was suicide, cannot be classified as planned, although they unintentionally influenced the spirits already heated by the evident war that comes to us from Colombia without being declared. War that polarizes everything ... even death.
And so Aristóbulo Istúriz dies, victim of a life without rest, but immediately the networks are filled with racist, disrespectful memes that do not correspond to the Christian tenor of a week dedicated to the beatification of José Gregorio.

I do not ask you to cry for the dead if you do not want to, but I demand level even to dismiss an adversary that on the other hand will be difficult to supply because Aristobulo always heard complaints from the opposition.

But ... there was another death and I leave a record that contrasts the celestination of announcers and fablistanas who, despite praising themselves as "democrats" ... looked to the ceiling ... to cover the suicide, after being discovered as a long-time rapist, of whom since their spaces these polarized communicators had turned into a kind of oracle of vanities ... contrasts with the racism with which since the cowardice of the keyboards ... a few exalted people celebrated the death of Aristóbulo Istúriz as if it were a monkey.

In the first case they went so far as to try to blame the suicide on the young woman who dared to accuse the rapist ... in the second ... as if they were practicing ultra-Catholics ... of those who celebrate mass in Latin and beat each other on the chest ... once fed up with celebrating memes through the death of the popular minister, they protested a "Santeria mass" that supposedly and in violation of who knows what rule ... was celebrated in honor of Aristobulo in the National Assembly.

Will these Democrats know what Freedom of Worship is? And why so much silence of the moral power represented in the religious dignitaries?

Do they not realize that they do not kill the dead or revive the suicide? ... these bishops collaborate rather with the murder of democracy ... a crime that after being committed they will cry with tears of blood.


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