Aristóbulo, companion of the people

Now it is our turn to say goodbye to you, to your body. We will never say goodbye to your spirit, your thought, your works, the seeds that you sowed and that have not stopped growing because the affection, the affection of your colleagues, of your friends, of the women who loved you, of your Family and the pardons that God grants you, will fill your spiritual saddlebag, taking the weight off your back, so that you can, erect, lift your face towards the heavens with the pride of your duty accomplished.

My dad used to say that one has a permit to go out to collect the steps. I have heard teachings that this leave lasts for 49 days. During that time, one is even allowed to travel the planet and go anywhere to "pick up the steps" and ask for forgiveness. You have been a wise man and have made, through decades, a great sowing. Now, with the help of your protective spirits, you can select the good herb from the other. I will be raising prayers to, if I have permission, to help you. That is my feeling. Hopefully I can help others to accompany your soul.

Together we were in various struggles and I can only remember your solidarity and the pat on the back to give encouragement and strength and say, put on "palante". Many people must remember similar experiences.

Yes, you made mistakes, you were wrong, now you must be sorry for the mistakes, the low passions; but I'm not the one who's going to judge you. I was not and am not better you. I just don't judge you. That role does not correspond to me. I have not been and am not a judge. Much less of you, who knew how to give and receive so many lessons. My feelings accompany you with my outstretched and open hand from this physical world. If the spiritual instances allow it, that vibration will reach you. We'll see. I will say my prayers requesting the corresponding permits and we will see if the crow's crow receives the force to trill emitting spiritual light and sounds.

These words have the flight that spiritual instances allow. Miracles exist and an eminent Venezuelan, Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, I hope he can intercede so that they help give you strength and my modest words can serve. In Venezuela, your beloved country, there are many people praying and accompanying from love, solidarity, faith and hope.


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