Apocalyptic capitalism

Capitalism is showing off with the pandemic. It has seldom shone with a darker light. "Socialism or barbarism", preached our Rosa Luxemburg. Said and done: they killed her and came the Nazi barbarism.

The Venezuelan experience is being deliberately hidden: How in a sadistic blockade does Venezuela contain the hecatomb? China and Cuba too, and they still silence them.

Because if you understand China, Cuba, and Venezuela, you understand the world roll. From the first alerts, Venezuela made decisions that were ignored in Europe and the United States, with more arrogance than science. It is because of that criminal arrogance that the disease has caused so much damage there. How is it that Venezuela took measures that prevented the holocaust that is devastating the West? Since Friday, March 13, 2020, Venezuela began its quarantine. Among so many actions, to locate and hospitalize every infected person. Free. All led by Nicolás Maduro, whom the epileptic opposition says is gross and ignorant for being a bus driver. But it led to the world premiere of intercepting the chains of contagion.

The reason for that insight is socialism. Because the rulers appointed by big capital have a unique priority: usury. And they literally say: "Fuck the sick." Hence Trump's illiterate flat-earth denial, who prescribed chlorine ampoules; Bolsonaro, more brutal, said it was uma fluzinha; Boris Johnson dismissed an evil that almost did not kill him.

That is why they are doing everything meticulously so that the pandemic kills us, laugh at the Apocalypse of John. They make vaccines that can be worse than the disease, if they can be found at all, because they are stinging them to get more money. Capitalism never won that much. Bipolar governments loosen quarantine and throw convulsive curfews when the downpour rages. None of that happens in Venezuela, which faces both a pandemic and a blockade. Overall, we already defeated an earthquake in 1812 and shortly after the Spanish empire, which tries to return. Late, because we already know how to defeat superpowers.

Prepare for his apocalypse amid Biden's war on the planet. Come back, Trump, you're forgiven.

@ rhm1947


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