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And then stay with her

It is a chapter against Venezuela, by way of counted aberrations, that reveals the ignominy of a shameless person, the betrayal of other shameless people who steal and sell the country where they were born, and the current claim of an imperialist president to consider himself the owner of a Republic that declared their independence more than 200 years ago, but today they want to seize it and take possession of its wealth as in the old days of colonialism and colonialism. What follows has remained in our minds as the perverse intention in the name of "The freedom of Venezuela", in the terms of John Bolton's narrative: "... I described what we were thinking in a meeting now reduced to just Kelly and me, But Trump insisted that he wanted military options for Venezuela and then keep it because "it is actually part of the United States." 

What I have just transcribed cannot be overlooked; Therefore, read it well, Venezuelans and foreign friends, whether inside or outside the country. It is an excerpt from the chapter "Free Venezuela" of the book "The room where it happened", or in its original text: The room where it happened, written by former National Security Advisor Donald Trump. There is no doubt about a mission and the objective of an imperial power against a people that has never committed any aggression against another people or another country. 

The background of all this plot of continued aggression against Venezuela, and not exactly support for the Venezuelan people or defense of its democracy, is seen in the following excerpts from Bolton's book: “… Later that morning, I spoke with Trump, who now He wanted guarantees regarding post-Maduro access to Venezuela's oil resources ... Trump later assured Guaidó that he would achieve the overthrow of Maduro, and mentioned separately that he was sure that Guaidó would remember in the future what had happened, it was how that Trump was referring to his interest in Venezuela's oil fields… ” 

Do not forget Bolívar's long-remembered prediction and the abominable Monroe doctrine, or the "manifest destiny" or abuse by US imperialism of considering Latin America as its "backyard", pretending to take, "uti dominus", As owner, the territories and resources of Latin American countries. Against the Venezuela of today they have not been able and will not be able because we are, historically, insubordinate.


  1. Donald will be left with the craving, because here we are not one-armed and he will be his nemesis.

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