A costly forgetting: teachers

It is not easy to recover after years of economic crisis. These events cause serious damage throughout society: of course in production and consumption, but also in health, education, the justice system, family integration, the loss of human talent ... And the more time passes, the worse . For this reason, all the efforts made, from all sectors, to stop the deterioration quickly and begin to climb the slope towards normalization are very positive.

In our case, the economic crisis is interspersed with political factors. Certainly, that crisis was partly generated by bad decisions in the economic sphere itself, such as excessive indebtedness in times of "fat cows", pharaonic projects in PDVSA, a multitude of large investments undertaken at the same time, corruption at ease ... And, more late, at the beginning of the decline, erroneous initiatives to try to contain inflation. But the extreme political confrontation, undemocratic, of elimination of the opposite to which it gave rise, worsened everything.

The year 2017 marks a milestone, with the establishment of the most severe “sanctions” on the part of the United States government, a cruel initiative that punishes the majority of the inhabitants of an entire nation with hardship.

The challenge now is to try to get out of this labyrinth, in a peaceful and democratic way. The elections in Barinas are a good sign: they point to the path of coexistence and respect for the Constitution that must be followed if we want to rebuild our country. Progress in the economy is encouraging, but must be calibrated realistically as there are many thousands of dollars in investment to speak of a firm recovery: we need stability, fair guarantees and the absence of “sanctions”.

Sometimes it is said that the situation is not so serious, since those who work in the private sector or on their own account obtain more bearable income. And that "only" those who work in the public sector are affected. I suppose it is thought that many perform better paid work as a complement. There would be no problem ... But that way, the educators, among others, are forgotten, from those who work in pre-school to post-graduate. How do you solve without neglecting your profession? Forgetting them is very expensive for any society.



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