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Administrative simplification

In any public administration organization at different institutional levels, there is a fundamental principle whose practice is essential in obtaining quick, concrete and simplified responses, which is contained in the elementary expression “timely response.” It expresses the value or basic behavior of the actions of public bodies in the daily mission of maintaining an ideal rhythm in all the tasks and functions that are entrusted to them by the legal norm of any hierarchy or nature. It is its fundamental, indispensable DNA.

This basic orientation must be a habitual, daily practice at any level of public bodies, national, state and municipal. It means that at these three levels a sustained rhythm must be imposed that complies with the simplification of action in search of the appropriate response to the citizen's request, or what is then called the administrator.

In the simultaneity of public conduct, at any institutional level in question, what must be manifested in the production of the actions of the public administration. Hence then the demanding mission that public bodies must fulfill, without exception, in the results of their ordinary and extraordinary activity coming from the public administration, regardless of their level.

However, a good part of functional behavior insists on permanent reviews of each organ in the production of results, no matter how routine they may be. If each level or stage has been exhausted normally, why delay it consecutively?

Administrative staff must adopt behavior in the production of results that emanate from the organization. The evaluation work meetings held by the organization, whatever it may be, must insist on seeking the simplification and speed of its actions. From this sustained conduct, results will be obtained that satisfy citizens and the values ​​of the State will be met.

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