A new policy (II)

Everything begins and ends in politics. The political crisis began in Venezuela more than twenty years ago. As long as we don't solve the political crisis, we won't be able to solve the economic crisis, nor the social crisis, nor the moral crisis that affects the country.

Twenty years of political failures, both by the government and the opposition, are enough time to understand that it is necessary to try a new way of doing politics. Hopefully what happened in Barinas last Sunday will be a turning point and the political actors understand the urgent need to try this new way of doing politics.

Consequence of political errors has been the economic catastrophe. The collapse of the rule of law and the institutional architecture of the republic has been the trigger for the economic crisis typified by recession and hyperinflation and has affected the social crisis, scandalous growth of poverty, hunger, misery, of malnutrition. To this we can add the issue of corruption and the squandering of incredible wealth and the destruction of the most fundamental public services. Water, electricity, health, education, security, transportation, roads, domestic gas, gasoline and a long etcetera that need not be detailed.

The first thing we have to ask ourselves is: “what is politics for?” Politics is to serve the happiness, progress and welfare of citizens. Politics is not to satisfy vanities, nor to please appetites for power or wealth. Politics is to serve the common good. It is an apostolate. It is a way of fulfilling the commandment to love your neighbor.
That is why Pope Pius XI was able to say that oft-quoted phrase: “politics is the highest form of charity after religion”. The day we become aware of this reality, we will have begun to resolve the Venezuelan political crisis and, consequently, all the other crises that affect our life as a country.

Political power is not an end in itself. Power is an instrument to serve citizens, the community. In the Union and Progress movement, efforts are being made to rescue the dignity of politics, to raise its prestige and to demonstrate that politics can and should be useful for the progress, well-being and happiness of citizens.

We will continue talking.


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