A holy "new style"

Since the beginning of the year, there have already been a number of people beatified or canonized in the Church. But the next saint is a rare format. In a solemn ceremony in Assisi eight days ago, the pope beatified the young Italian Carlo Acutis, a "computer genius", who became the first "apostle" of the virtual gospel. Thus, together with the Pope, young Italians “canonize” one of their own. Many have received catechesis from him, with interactive modules that recur throughout the country, and already go further: "Fill in ...", "Tell the companions ..." "What do you think of what Jesus says ...?"

Carlo was not 15 years old, and he was already the soul of a project of conquering methodology for the youth gospel. Throughout the country and beyond, youth groups, with his help, were preparing to make their first communion, mastering a virtual work that led them to the great Eucharistic encounter. Carlo mastered this almost international outreach work with love. But the leukemia was doing its viper work. It was said that Carlo was not going to pass that youthful age: 15 years, in 2006.

He lived inhabited by an immense conversion project for all young people of his age. Today, his body remains uncorrupted in the urn. Transparency allows us to appreciate the extraordinary life of that young disciple of Jesus: to read his clean features, his serenity. Carlo still wears the youth uniform: the jeans and the inseparable baskets. They say he loved soccer, videos, and ice cream; but his time went to virtual catechism and the creation of cybernetic networks to spread the faith.

By canonizing him, Pope Francis presents him as a model for today's generation. Not infrequently, young people find themselves tired by old models. “There is no doubt, says the Pope, the digital world can expose us to the risk of withdrawal and isolation. But there are young people who are also creative, and sometimes brilliant in that environment ”.

The pope himself has learned his lesson by endorsing Carlo's recommendation. “All men are born as originals, but many die as photocopies. Don't let that happen to you! ”. Another recommendation that the Argentine pope found in Carlo's writings: "Avoid considering God as 'a hard disk'!".

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