A dead world

Gee, professor, thank goodness you came to the winery today. Because I feel that we are in a world like the one announced by an old song: Oh, I'm afraid that the world is going to end! And you asked if that was true and the adults did not know or were laughing.

But today I see the situation as more difficult with what they say about the new world economic order, which could lead to a great nuclear and computerized war zaperoco between the old and emerging empires that not only would make the world tremble with fear, but now, I really could finish it. Could it be the war that will lead us to a dead world, professor?

Don Antero, I share your concern that touches the fate of what they call humanity, in an hour in which everything has the stamp of death inscribed. But I think we must see this more realistically than the scenario in which we believe we live. We are not going to, but are born into a dead world.

An open world for the great majority disinherited and put at the service of the minorities of exploitation to form simple cards that hardly survive. The very survival of slavery, which means that this survival has centuries of the sowing property of the dead world. Only minority beneficiaries of wealth proclaim life and contribute directly to the extent and intensity of collective death.

Stand there professor, because what you say is very serious. So the vast majority of men are materially born dead? That's how Don Antero is. Today you are born with the death sentence on top that will be applied in the shortest time. And the picture is so serious that each of us has a hard time knowing what life is and if it really lives.

And I guess things are more tragic because of the CV-19. Exactly, Don Antero. At this time, the great majorities see with clarity, terror and bitterness that all roads lead to the denial of life.

And in all this, professor, are there societies or countries that mark an exception? No, my dear friend. In general, this is the unstoppable death of centuries that on this date can become more intense if the war of the empires, now in weak generations, assumes the world level. It would thus be ratified, in practice, that this is already a dead world.

Sancho, in this world and in Venezuela, a good part of our supposed life is going to see and tell about injustices, deaths, tragedies and sadness!

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