World Bank: Venezuela hosts more asylees and refugees than Colombia, Chile and Spain combined

Venezuela is home to more refugees and asylees than in Colombia, Chile and Spain combined, and it is the recipient of a fifth of all those displaced by these causes in Latin America and the Caribbean. World Bank indicators.

 According to the information collected and data processed by the international organization, at the end of 2019 in Venezuela there were 67.749 people living as refugees and asylees, while in Colombia only 634 and in Chile 2.046.

Article "Immigrant or refugee, what does each term mean?", authored by Xavier De Víctor, published in the World Bank Blog, affirms that economic immigrants are essentially people who seek better economic opportunities, while refugees are people who flee because their lives are in danger. The specific situation of the latter was established in the 1951 Geneva Convention.

“In other words, economic immigration responds to a 'pull factor', that is, immigrants go to a country where they believe there is demand for their skills. On the contrary, forced displacement responds to a "push factor", that is, people go to the first possible place where they feel they will be safe, "he says.

In turn, the Glossary of Immigration and Asylum of the European Commission points out that Asylum is the one granted “… to any person incapable of seeing such protection guaranteed in their country of nationality and / or residence, for fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, belonging to a certain social group or political opinion ”.

The total number of refugees and asylees in Venezuela is significant when it is noted that in the 46 countries, dependent territories and overseas departments of Latin America and the Caribbean there are 257.918. The Caribbean nation is only surpassed by Ecuador, with 104.560.  

Venezuela also hosts more refugees and asylees than the 57.751 in Spain and their number is one sixth of the 341.715 in the United States.

In the world there are a total of 26.074.648 asylees and refugees, of which 9.349.349 are in the Arab countries. The country where the largest number lives is Turkey with 3.579.531, followed by Jordan 2.966.079.


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