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With the visualizations of social networks, a phenomenon occurs like in 5 and 6

Chimbos Egg Desserts

1.- “Doña Violencia”Are you looking for financing from drug trafficking? … We are already quite grown up, and we have quite a tough skin dealing with the criminals of the terrorist opposition, so that now they try to make us believe that this lady and the drug parapher Iván Duque established contact in order to do a conventional interview in a posdcats that started the former president, who we know arrived at the Nariño Palace through the financing of drug trafficking provided by his master, the other Santander drug parapher, Alvaro Uribe Vélez. It is not what we saw, but what we did not see, taking into account that the mafias use modern communication devices that are increasingly difficult to trace.

And “Doña Violencia” needs dollars to continue creating her fake candidate news. Let us remember that the vice president of the Psuv, Diosdado Cabello, reading a letter in a program with Mazo Dando in October 2023, said that this criminal would be receiving financing from businessman Nelson Mezerhane; the president of Banesco, Juan Carlos Escotet; as well as the Colombian drug trafficker, Marta Lucía Ramírez, who was vice president of Uribe Vélez. So, comrade reader, comrade reader, I won't tell you any more, you draw your own conclusions, but I don't suck my thumb.

2-. Scientific pride… This is the Venezuela that does not stop the terrorist opposition, even if it kisses the boots of the gringo empire. Scholars from the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), Ernesto Medina and Jon Paul Rodríguez, were chosen among the best scientists in ecology and evolution in the world. The sectoral vice president of Science, Technology, Education and Health, Gabriela Jiménez Ramírez, highlighted in her X account the work carried out by both researchers, stating that their “contributions are exceptional in the knowledge and teaching of ecology.”

3.- Female seedbed… In my previous column I talked about how in this electoral campaign women stood out on the front line of battle. They are the majority in the concentrations and mobilizations. And, as if that were not enough, the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, at the closing of a Scientific Seedbed program, which was carried out at the headquarters of the Institute of Advanced Studies (IDEA) in the state of Miranda, said that it is necessary to shore up the policies in order to reduce the gender gaps that continue to exist in many countries in the region. “When we see the difference in the world, it is abysmal, that is why we invest in favor of women.”

4.- The Grandparents of the Homeland Mission… You go to bed believing you've seen it all, but the next day you stumble upon something new on social media that, although it may seem banal, never ceases to surprise. Now the thugs of the terrorist opposition call advantageousness to the fact that President Nicolás Maduro created the Grandparents of the Homeland Mission, after the coercive measures that “Doña Violencia” asked of the gringos became effective. 

I can't believe such stupidity. It was obvious that a líder how Maduro was not going to fold his arms, knowing that these so-called sanctions sought to end the pensions of retirees and the grandparents of the Amor Mayor Mission, as well as salaries in general, in order to put the workforce against, in view of the presidential elections.

5.- “Doña Violencia” either wins or snatches… Such are the tantrums of surnames, especially of this lady, who intends to place the people of Venezuela between a rock and a hard place, knowing that this cannot be done with people who have the blood of Bolívar and Chávez running through their veins.

First, as the leader of the gangs that make up the terrorist opposition, she has no government program. She once showed one, and she did not present it to the Venezuelans but to the gringos. Your misogynist candidate may have one, but people must go to his residence at times when he can attend to it, so that he can show it to them, in short, what those thugs are stating very clearly is that if “Doña Violencia” does not win, he will snatch and that reaction It goes against the people from whom she asks for the vote. She explained to me: if she wins, she will hand over the country to the gringos and if she is defeated, as I think will happen, she will ask for more coercive measures from the Americans.

6.- With the visualizations of social networks, a phenomenon occurs like in 5 and 6... I perfectly share the opinion of the philosopher Miguel Angel Pérez Pirela, interviewed by Oscar Schemel, president of Hinterlaces, about the digital euphoria on social networks, regarding the electoral campaign, a topic that he has also mentioned in his programs “From wherever.” .

Pérez Pirela explained that “views, likes, are one thing and votes are another. The visualizations depend on the algorithm. You can place two very similar videos on Tik Tok at a distance of one or six hours, and one will have 1,1 million views and the other 100, because the algorithm is a kind of waiter that places it in the public's hand. what you want to drink or eat, but that has only to do with the interests of the social network.”

"Of these visualizations there is another level which is the 'likes' in which a voluntary gesture is directly given, where the user clicks on a button, which indicates that they like everything that is being proposed to them."

“But, the third level, which is the vote, has nothing to do with these first two cases. Unfortunately, many Venezuelan politicians are falling into the naivety of thinking that they are popular because they have views that do not depend on them, or that they are popular because they have 'likes' (which, although it depends on the people who select that option), are not "It translates them into votes."

I was not able to see the complete interview, just an excerpt with the information that I transcribed, therefore, I do not know if what I will outline below was said later by Pérez Pirela, but, according to what he states in that short video, it must also be take into account that in Venezuela there is a sociological phenomenon that is very similar to the game of 5 and 6, because people like to score the winner.

Hence, there may be naive politicians who believe that “likes” are votes, just like many people, but I am certain that this situation is used with perverse intentions by politicians, who do know well how social networks work. , like the terrorists who work for “Doña Violencia”.

It is obvious that these bandits are playing to saturate the networks with messages from influencers and prepaid journalists, making people believe that the views and “likes” are safe votes from that lady, even when they know that this is false. But they seek to confuse, to take advantage, so that voters called “NEET” or who still have doubts about who to vote for, sign up for a visible winner, even if they are defeated.

7.-The terrorist opposition sniffs its defeat… Already pseudo politicians and others who do not even reach that point, started the campaign based on the fact that they will be defrauded. They do not settle much, because they fear abstention, however, some leaders of that hamponil group slip that they will cheat. And we know them, that is the tactic they always apply when they already sense their inevitable defeat. 

But they have never been cheated, what happens is that they have never counted on the votes. And for July 28 they don't have them either. as? If these criminals have been plotting for 24 years. Before the coup d'état against Chávez on April 11, 2002, they stopped PDVSA's operations, they left us without gasoline and Venezuela was almost paralyzed, then they overthrew him.

Years later, Nicolás Maduro arrived. He extended his hand to businessmen and they responded with a brutal economic war. Prices tripled from one day to the next. The parallel dollar pages emerged to attack the bolivar. In Colombia, they made paper figurines with our worthless bills. In the Las Pulgas market in Maracaibo, the mafias created a parallel BCV. And they decided the price of the dollar and food.

Before, the guarimbas began with the call of Capriles' arrechera. Next, Leopoldo López with “La Salida”, an operation where “Doña Violencia” was active hiring young people, and then paying them with drugs and liquor.

Because “Doña Violencia” has participated in all the destabilizing events in the country. She recently failed with the “White Bracelet” operation, but unfortunately she succeeded in the request she made to the gringos, to intensify the coercive measures against the Venezuelan people. These measures, in addition to hunger and hardship, have always caused deaths. 

So with that record it is impossible for her to win, and she and her misogynistic puppet know it, just like the rest of the thugs of the terrorist opposition, that is why they prepare themselves and, from time to time, they let the version spread that they will cheat. .

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