Thanks to life

This is the name of a well-known and very beautiful song by Violeta Parra. Thanks to life! God willing, next Sunday, October 18, I will be eighty years old. It is the right time to say thank you life!

Thank God for inviting me to the wonderful banquet of life.

Thank you for being born in this "land of grace" that is Venezuela and in this time so full of changes, dreams, hopes and also anguish and concerns.

Thank you for the parents you gave me and for the family I grew up in. For my five brothers and for the teachers I had.
Thank you for helping me to graduate as a lawyer and for having been able to do postgraduate studies abroad: in the Netherlands and in the United States.

Thank you for granting me a simple and austere life. No frills or lacks. With what is necessary for a happy existence and always looking forward to a better future.

Thank you for María Isabel, the wonderful woman I married. She gave me six wonderful children.

Thank you for so many wonderful opportunities to travel the world and meet so many interesting people. Thank you for having been able to travel throughout the Venezuelan geography. I enjoyed its landscapes in the East, in the Andean mountains, in Zulia, in the plains, in Guayana, in the Central West and in its wonderful beaches. I got to know the physical geography of Venezuela, but above all, I got to know the human geography of this extraordinary country. I made a lot of friends throughout our territory. Friendships that I keep as a precious treasure in my heart and in my memory.

Thank you for the books, for the music, for the plays, for the culture in all its manifestations.

Thank you for having planted in my mind a vocation of public service to which I was able to be faithful over the years and through very different circumstances. Thank you for the ration of duty that you planted in my conscience and for the will that you granted me to fully fulfill my obligations.

Thank you for my religious faith. Thank you for making me a Christian. For making me believe in all that is good and all that is exemplary in the life of Jesus. Thank you for this longing for brotherhood that I have felt beating in my heart for all these years.

Thank you Lord for everything.

We will continue accumulating reasons for gratitude and we will continue talking.

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