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Russia: common sense against warmongering

At the concluded St. Petersburg Economic Forum, attended by 21.300 people from 139 countries, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin gave a speech, where he referred to Russia's defense policy.

He declared that his country has never engaged in rhetoric about nuclear escalation. He reiterated that he does not want a nuclear conflict. He clarified that everything is regulated within the framework of Russia's nuclear doctrine; The use of nuclear weapons is possible, in the exceptional case of a threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. “I don't think it has come to that,” Putin said.

However, the Russian president added that the country does not rule out the possibility of introducing some changes to this doctrine. But “we will not need any nuclear weapons for victory.”

Contrast this position of Russia with the war hysteria that has been unleashed in the West following the successes of the Russian offensive in the Kharkov area. The US announces that it will unilaterally increase its nuclear arsenal. Its B-52 aircraft, strategic carriers of nuclear weapons, rehearse attacks against Kaliningrad, Russian territory.

NATO tests nuclear attacks around Russian territory. The NATO countries authorize Ukraine to use its long-range weapons delivered to that country to attack in depth Russian territory. Ukraine has even attacked Russian strategic nuclear attack early warning radars, which is highly irresponsible. Astronomical military aid is approved, more than 60 billion USD from the US, more financial contributions and weapons from the European Union and diversion of profits from Russian funds illegally frozen in Western banks, to deliver them to Ukraine.

Given this, Russia with full right takes response actions so that somehow the West understands the madness of its actions. For example, a naval contingent is traveling to Cuba that includes several units, including a powerful warship and a nuclear submarine. In the West there is already talk of a new missile crisis of 1962. Will they understand the message? Will the warmongering pretensions of the West be appeased? Will Russophobia allow peace?

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