Petare's birthday

Clean the historic center of rubbish and adorned with banners as if imitating the well-known song of Serrat, Petare turns 400 years old and despite the changes that have occurred in recent years of peladera, pandemic and guarimba ... the official speeches seemed taken from the trunk of memories.

Tedious and hackneyed the orderly speakers and also the guests for the occasion on radio and television stations looked like old leaders of puntofijismo, whose names no one remembers but demagoguery.

As if it were a source of pride and not a lunar of shame, these speakers pointed out that "Petare is the largest neighborhood in Latin America" ​​... which would have been a reason for boasting if the inhabitants of that immense area that from the Mariches row reaches the Tuy will enjoy, in terms of comfort, a minimum of what any urbanism, poor or rich, aspires to have.

Forgive me, but Petare is not a cause for pride and rather ends up being the result of a disaster cemented during the 40 years of Puntofijismo and enlarged in the last 20.

An example of the violence that took place there, recently in one of its smaller neighborhoods, as if nothing had happened, the police killed a young man who, in the middle of an illegal and noisy street party of “champeta”, was accompanying the one who scratched had just murdered Before escaping from the site, the uncle of one of the policemen who later took revenge on the first fool they caught.

In defense of Petare, he pointed out that a few days before in Baruta, during another illegal “champeta” that lasted the 2 days of Carnival, there was a confrontation between gangs with a balance of 4 dead and 10 injured.

And I mention the two violent acts because one of the mayors is a Chavista and the other is an opponent, but both allow illegalities such as those “champetas” invented by Colombian drug traffickers and that we foolishly import.

In Petare, one of these criminals, politically associated with the self-sworn and supposed interim, allowed himself last year to challenge the President “to come and find me here”, implying that Petare is not Venezuela, but Somalia.

Moral: it is not about "conditions" that must be required to go to elections. Conditions must have the candidates for mayor and governor to deserve the votes.

Conditions of responsible citizen, guarantor of the law and civilized.

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