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Palestine resists because it exists

This week I want to analyze several topics that I consider very important and interesting. I begin by telling you that a few days ago a video of Commander Hugo Chávez circulated on social network X in which he said: “The Israeli army is cowardly, it bombs children, towns that are surrendered, asleep and innocent.”. Unfortunately, how valid! are these words from our eternal Giant...

And the world has witnessed “stunned” how the genocidal Israeli State bombed a refugee camp in Rafah, south of Gaza, murdering 45 people, mostly women and children, who were burned alive. A situation that thus unlocks a new level of cruelty that has extended for more than seven months and has claimed the lives of more than 36.000 Palestinians. 

This Israeli attack has generated a wave of global indignation, which unfortunately does not seem to reach the corresponding authorities.

Precisely, some media reported that the weapons of war, used to massacre the refugees in Rafah, were American manufactured. The gringos, who this Wednesday tried to minimize what happened in southern Gaza, are the ones who have provided, since the 60s and 70s, weapons to the Israeli occupation forces to commit ethnic extermination against the noble and brave Palestinian people. .

From this trench, we will always condemn such vile acts, as well as the complicit silence of international organizations and actors, whose insipid stance has contributed to the most atrocious modern genocide that we have witnessed in real time... However, I will stick with the slogan: Palestine resists because it exists.

With good and evil

In this article I do not want to stop talking about Spain and its government. There are many reasons, but I will refer to two recent events. The first is the recognition that this country, along with Norway and Ireland, gave to the Palestinian State, an action of historic justice that, without a doubt, supports the struggle of the Palestinian people who desperately and deservedly seek peace.

Meanwhile, this correct decision by the Government of Pedro Sánchez comes after a week in which he faced the insults of Javier Milei during his visit to Spanish soil and which led to the rupture of diplomatic relations between both nations.

The Spanish Head of State called his ambassador to Madrid, after the Argentine president, who suffers from verbal incontinence, (we already know) called Pedro Sánchez's wife corrupt, without evidence and without naming her directly. This, during a rally by VOX, Spain's ultra-conservative party.

Milei, who is traveling the world, creates controversy to buy time, after his economic project for Argentina does not start, causing discontent among the population. This is why she continues and will continue to sharpen her distracting far-right stance, with expletives wherever she goes. It is a difficult task for her diplomatic team, who always comes out to “soften” her president's insults.

In another order, Pedro Sánchez was also visited by the Ukrainian Milei, Vladimir Zelensky, to ask for more weapons and money. Sánchez, who had been an example with the recognition of Palestine as a State, once again confronted us with the reality of European progressivism, which has already accustomed us to mistakes.

Since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Spanish have sent weapons to the Ukrainians, a collaboration that this week increased to more than 1.000 million euros in contributions. This, in a clear example that the Spanish left, in government functions, continues repeating the phrases in which it does not believe and gives in to the power of corporations and monarchical protocols.

Have you assembled your 1×10 yet?

Meanwhile, on this side of the world, we enjoy the participatory and leading democracy of our people, who are actively organizing to guarantee the mobilization and exercise of the vote, for all, this July 28.

Although the enthusiasm of our people is palpable and visible in every corner of our country, I don't want to fail to remember the importance of each and every one of us putting together our 1×10. Each of the productive factors; workers, students and the living forces of society must join and contribute to this successful form of organization. All prepared to guarantee victory, which we are sure will be overwhelming. We continue with Maduro.

Francisco Fonseca. Lawyer and politician.

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