It is urgent to intervene in the internal affairs of Spain

As with any rule that is respected, in relations between Latin America and Spain an exception should be allowed to the rule, made a Principle, of Non-Intervention in internal affairs, in order for our mestizo people to make contributions that help to put a stop to, as a matter of urgency, to the degrading, stormy and resounding fall in the intellectual and moral level of the political and not so political debates that abound today in the Iberian nation.

Perhaps in some countries of the late Lima Group, still members of the ancient Ministry of the Colonies, there are people who do not dare to go beyond the national boundaries of sovereign decisions, but in other nations, including our beautiful Venezuela, surely there are people willing to prevent the dull, stagnant, and controversial Byzantine from continuing to be immersed in the banalities and baseness that flourish in the trash TV of Spanish politicians and politics, loaded with machismo, misogynists, xenophobic, in which they make fun, with a large public included, of matters as delicate as the threats of death.

The task is not simple. The genesis of so many media and political stupidity, or vice versa, is old. Their babbling toddlers saw the light at the end, in 1939, of the Civil War, with the triumph of the Caudillo of Spain by the Grace of God, Francisco Franco, and Josemaría Escrivá Balaguer, whose rules of good manners obeyed by faithful Catholic blesseds, they established that married women always have trivial interests, their obligation is to cook what their husband likes, take off his shoes, be discreet, speak in a low tone; never ask for explanations, always be beautiful and tidy, keep in mind that he commands, fulfill the "marriage obligations" when and however he wants, in short, everything a moral catalog that today gives to Spain the European leadership in number of brothels per inhabitants and the Spanish the record of being the biggest payers of whores.

It generates a feeling of guilt. But unfortunately for Spain and for our benefit, after the military coup that overthrew the Republic and assassinated the poets Federico García Lorca and Miguel Hernández, the bulk of the best Iberian intellect came to our lands to nurture innovative and indelible ideas and tasks to politics, cinematography, literature, infrastructure, architecture, education, agriculture and not to mention gastronomy and its wines. And while Mexico barely lent Luis Buñuel a while for the filming of the monumental Viridiana, and did not give up an acetate painting after enriching himself with Los Olvidados, we here enjoy the studies of Andrés Bello, the history of the printing press or from Las Longings for Caracas written by the great Pedro Grases.

The list is immense. The philosophers Juan David García Bacca, Juan Nuño and Federico Riu left us a brotherhood of such good ideas that even a non-Spanish friend, Ángel Rosenblat, fell in love and dedicated his life to studying the great cultural legacy of Spain in America: the language . Much of the greatness of our Central University of Venezuela comes from the worthy and great contributions of these thinkers.

On the science side, it would be enough to remember the unforgettable González León, professor of Organic Chemistry, without whose masterful and impeccable classes at the impertinent and vilely closed Luis Caballero Mejías Industrial Technical School, in Los Chaguaramos, Venezuela would not have reached the historical peak. production of 3.7 million barrels per day in 1970. Who knows in which G of cellular technology Venezuela would be today if it has continued to shape the specialty of Electronics in the future.

Thanks to that legacy planted in our lands, and always with the permission of the VOX, Ciudadanos, PP, PSOE parties, adopting the respective and necessary manure-security measures, today we propose to Spain with pride and even with a certain right that allows us to make ourselves Participants in the Byzantine, idiotic and muted political diatribes, let's see if we can at least stop them from continuing to disrupt the future of Cervantes with the sewage of trash TV and political degradation, paraphrasing Miguel de Unamuno.


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