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Half lost in what I was looking for on the internet, I find myself with an article about education in Finland. One that is celebrated for being "one of the first in the world", according to specialists. I read and say: “The law establishes that education is compulsory and free for all children from 7 to 16 years old. This gratuity also includes all the necessary textbooks and utensils, as well as one hot meal a day. Public spending on education represented 2008% of GDP in 5,9 ”and he clarifies that the average of the countries of the Organization for Economic Development Cooperation (OECD) is 5,8%.

I reread it and I can't stop saying it: in Venezuela education is free and compulsory from birth to undergraduate degree, except for those who want to pay for it; textbooks are delivered free of charge at official schools, in addition to packages, notebooks and pencils and, even in the midst of unilateral coercive measures, Canaima computers or tablets continued to be delivered to students and teachers; not one but two meals a day are provided in more than 80% of public schools; and spending (which for us is investment) on education has reached 6,9% of GDP. And let it be known that I take the latest data from the CIA World Factbook, a text edited by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (the same one that conspires and overthrows governments around the world), whose information is public and is frequently used today. .

It is not of course that we have the education we want. I myself am always working on the criticism of pedagogical practices focused on the memorization of content and the passivity of the students, the weakness of the means available, the inappropriate approaches to teacher training, the precarious conditions work, the bureaucratic operation of the administration, etc. Everything can be said and it is valid to take it into account and move forward, but that does not mean belittling what we have and what we keep despite the tremendous difficulties. Let's talk passionately, but seriously; the education of our girls and boys deserves it.


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