Cuba yes! Yankees no!

We have many reasons to be proud of the Cuban Revolution and of Cuba as a homeland. That revolutionary process has not been afraid to consider itself communist and communists are the commons and there will be no isolation if we continue to maintain unity with the conscious commons.

Cuba has never been alone even when the empire has tried to corner it as when the USSR collapsed. Even then it was not isolated. Not in the US, as there were US revolutionary militants who continued to show solidarity with Cuba. The Cuban people overcame the “special period” and from it they have risen with dignity.

In the field of science and technology, Cuba has advanced. Today, when a few developed countries are testing various vaccines against covid-19, Cuba is on par and will soon vaccinate the Cuban people and maintain its broad and firm solidarity.

Venezuela will continue to make an effort in the process of transition to socialism, which in large part is the confrontation with the imperial boycott, the sabotage of our efforts to build another society. The internationalist vocation that Chávez left us, Maduro has continued. The unity of the people will finally defeat capital and imperial aggressions. Unity and solidarity will be our strength. In the present and the future.

A prominent person makes this statement: "Guaicaipuro, Apakuana, José Leonardo, Robinson, Bolívar and Zamora stopped being our heroes." A Chavista would not hold that because for Chavismo, those names are a sacred reference. This person later affirms that those names are "being replaced by foreign idols, such as Smith, Ricardo, Locke, Marx, Engels, Robespierre, Blanqui, Lenin and Fidel". A Chavista would make another group, much less say that Fidel is a "foreign idol." I would say that he is a Latin American leader -not an idol-, without the “outsider”. Fidel is ours as ours are Father d'Escoto, Martí, San Martín, Chávez ...

A new future is blooming. There will soon be elections in important countries in our region and another relationship of forces will emerge. The XNUMXst century will continue to be a century of great battles and challenges. America is a criminal empire that has entered a period of decline. The future is not easy, but there is a future of ours, which belongs to us.



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