1961: "New government now!"

Caracas, March 10, 1961. Palacio de los Deportes: the III Congress of the Communist Party of Venezuela is installed. The rank and file militancy was informed of the decision to be taken. The atmosphere was hot, pure adrenaline, impatience. And, finally, the closing speech of Jesús Faria, secretary general and in charge of launching the missile that supposedly would put the government of Rómulo Betancourt in front of a strong and determined opposition.

In addition to the PCV there was the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR), a division of Democratic Action (AD) in April 60 and the Youth Vanguard of the Democratic Republican Union (URD), organizations that are considered invincible because they concentrate the largest youth forces.

In this political climate, with the prevalence of pressure above all arguments and without political and ideological debate, and with great arrogance and superficiality, the speaker takes up a slogan already on the street: New government Now! And he adds that "the next congress we will do from power", making it clear that the path of the Venezuelan revolution is violent.

Emotion turned into screaming, disorder, mess. That party in unison looks towards an obsessive point: let's follow the Cuban path of revolution. And before reaching the climax, the "accident" represented by the Betancourt government would be overthrown.

The government repression was decreed by the new hierarch in his inauguration on 13/02/59: The PCV will be excluded from any relationship with this government because its political philosophy is contrary to democracy. However, that party continued to play with unity, with the request for rectification, with the underestimation with the slogan "Down with this little government!" or "Resign Romulus!" But in the end it is understood that only with violence is there power.

60 years after this violent walk we are right where we are. With a unity between today's revolutionaries and those who come from the 60s and in return an opposition rout. And on both sides there is the superficial in the ideological and political, but with the flag of conchupancia raised. And what, in short, is a revolution? Is it a medium that has transformed what, when, where?
Sancho, how long will we be a space-region far from the reality of the collective country-nation-people, but identified with the political fictions, democracy and revolution, that fill these 60 years? Will a royal road come?


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