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Strategic lines drawn for Margarita Special Economic Zone

The purpose is to build a new model of economic development

On the island of Margarita, Nueva Esparta state, deputies of the National Assembly's Economy and Finance Commission held a meeting with businessmen and representatives of regional and national organizations in order to present the first strategic lines for the implementation of the Economic Zone Special (ZEE) in said entity.

The vice president of the aforementioned commission, deputy José Gregorio Vielma Mora, explained that the island of Margarita was considered an EEZ because it meets the main characteristics according to international standards for this purpose.

“First it is on the coast, second the inhabitants have the attitude of merchants, it borders other countries, there are skills for tourism, gastronomy, and multimodal transport and finally we have to behave as an industrial territory of transformation of production and competition” explained Vielma Mora.

He stressed that the purpose is the search for the collective construction of a new model of inclusive socio-productive development in the island entity to seek profitability through the creation of efficient joint ventures.

"It is to think of an industrial territory, a productive chain, opening to foreign trade, fiscal reforms or any law for the sake of production and the well-being of all and political support for the achievement of the objectives," explained the vice president of the Commission of Economy and Finance of the AN.

Representatives of public authorities, regional Fedecamaras, and Chambers of Commerce, Tourism, Hospitality, as well as mayors, military and civil authorities were present at the meeting.

The business sector estimates that before the end of 2022, the changes in the economy of the state of Nueva Esparta will begin to be felt with the arrival of investors and the generation of jobs.

Jesús Irausquín, president of Fedecamaras Nueva Esparta, presented a preliminary project that has been worked on with all the business sectors of the island.

"This has been an inclusive project, that is why we believe that it is armored that it has the perspective and prospective in what is wanted for Nueva Esparta in the near future," said Irausquín.

For his part, José Gregorio Rodríguez, president of the Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that the objective of the meeting is precisely to begin defining the roadmap to specify the action plans.

"This roadmap must be planned immediately with a short and medium term schedule, so that people can see a response to these great expectations that we have contributed to creating, to generating in the environment," Rodríguez emphasized.

Among the areas that generate the greatest expectation with the application of this legal instrument is the city of Porlamar, considered the commercial capital of Margarita.

The mayor of the Mariño municipality, José Antonio González, stated that the Lozee “is going to bring great benefits not only to the Mariño municipality, as it is the economic capital of the state, but to all of Nueva Esparta. We have great expectations in it, let us also remember that the law has the goodness to adapt to each municipality and for the sake of that it is that all these discussions are being held”.

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