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Cabello: the opposition only wants to steal the oil

Cabello assures that "the right hates the people and they hypocritically ask them to vote"

From the state of Nueva Esparta, Diosdado Cabello, coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command, led a mobilization from the Antonio Díaz municipality in the state of Nueva Esparta, carried out in support of President Maduro and in rejection of the blockade imposed by imperialism, from which he insisted that the opposition "only wants to steal Venezuela's resources."

Cabello assured that Venezuela guarantees the supply of oil to the United States, but "the only thing is that they have to pay for it," he said, because in his opinion, the right, together with the gringos, only "they want to steal it“, he noted  

He warned that the European Union continues to threaten the country and questioned the recent temporary lifting of sanctions against some members and former members of the Electoral Branch, reports the portal Con el Mazo giving.

"They are going to lift the sanctions for a while 'because they are behaving more or less.' “Go to hell!” He stated and stressed that in Venezuela “we do not need forgiveness from anyone, from any of them, because they are immoral,” he stated.

Cabello insisted that “the extreme right does not love the people and only intends to ask for the vote for the presidential elections on July 28, after they requested and promoted multiple attacks against the country together with the government of the United States (USA).”

He added that the right has dedicated all its energies to calling for sanctions and blockades. “Those people are bad, they are irresponsible, very cowardly and very thieves (…) They do not love the people and they hypocritically ask the People for their vote.”

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