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Margariteño pepper received certification as unique in the world

The Ministry of Commerce delivered the certificate to preserve this important item of the island entity

In Nueva Esparta, the Ministry of National Commerce, through the SAPI, delivered the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certificate to the Margariteño chili, with the purpose of preserving this important item of the island entity.

The delivery was made by Minister Luis Villegas, together with the president of the Country Brand Institute, Daniela Cabello; the Minister of Urban Agriculture, Johanna Carrillo and the mayor of the Arismendi municipality, Alí ​​Romero Farías.

“Today we are from the Ministry of National Commerce, complying with the President's instructions, granting the Protected Geographical Indication of the Margariteño chili. An effort that Mayor Alí Romero has been making, together with the producers who organized themselves, to achieve this important recognition,” said Minister Villegas.

The National Trade authority explained that, previously, the teams of the Autonomous Intellectual Property Service (SAPI) in joint work with the Country Brand Institute, the Ministry of Urban Agriculture and scientists specializing in the area carried out different studies to determine the characteristics of said area of ​​the agri-food sector.

He highlighted that the PGI gives added value to this product and certifies it as unique in the world.

Exportation quality

For her part, the president of the Country Brand Institute, Daniela Cabello, pointed out that the quality of the Margariteño chili allows establishing plans for its future export.

“For us, it has been a very nice job to accompany the producers who also demonstrated the beautiful capacity that Venezuela has in terms of its products. We are doing a first project of visibility, of promotion for our native products, we want to generate showcases for them and by doing that we are preserving our cultural heritage, our gastronomy that is so diverse, thanks to the fact that Venezuela has blessed soils and a spectacular climate that is conducive to production. For us, the next stage is to support producers, to continue showing themselves, to continue making themselves visible and for our export portfolio to become increasingly broader,” Cabello said.

Town celebrates PGI of chili

From the Santa Rosa de La Asunción Castle, Arismendi municipality, farmers, producers, cooks, chefs and entrepreneurs together with the authorities celebrated this designation that the “gastronomic ambassador” of Nueva Esparta receives.

The mayor of the Arismendi Municipality, Ali Romero Farías, one of the promoters of the IGP request, expressed his satisfaction with the achievement achieved thanks to the union of everyone.

“Today is a glorious day for Margariteños and Margariteñas, especially for producers of ají margariteño. Today the Minister of Commerce is accompanying us to deliver nothing more and nothing less than the Protected Geographical Indication to our farmers and the people of Nueva Esparta. It is a wonderful day for our gastronomic ambassador and we are pleased to have done our bit because we know that this is a decades-long struggle for all Margariteños, not only the farmers, but also the private sector, the public sector and the entrepreneurs from the state of Nueva Esparta, who have maintained this fight so that today it has come to fruition thanks to the management of the Government of President Nicolás Maduro."

For her part, Raiza Navarro, a farmer from Hato Orinoco, highlighted the importance for the agricultural sector of having obtained the PGI for the Margariteño chili.

“Thanks to this achievement, we producers feel very happy, since with this we protect our Margariteño chili. This chili is characterized by its flavor, its smell, its bright colors and the versatility to prepare different recipes,” said Navarro.

Likewise, Esther González, a renowned chef from Margarita with more than 25 years of using chili to prepare exquisite dishes, said: “We are happy, to be honest, because we know that we have a great product. A product that is used for everything, both in savory dishes and in cocktails or desserts. “Today is a day of pride for Margariteños and from now on we have to continue fighting to keep our chili authentic, raising awareness among all those who plant chili so that they do not mix their seeds and thus preserve it over time.”

The Protected Geographical Indication is a distinctive sign that recognizes this sector planted in Nueva Esparta for more than 470 years, with characteristics attributable to the geographical area where it is produced thanks to the work of women and men who plant and harvest the exquisite Margariteño chili.

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