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They set lines to provide diesel to fishermen

Rules established for octopus fishing season in Margarita

The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture established a protocol for the supply of diesel fuel to the artisanal fleet of the states of Sucre, Nueva Esparta and La Guaira.

The Action Protocol for the Supply of Diesel-type Fuel to the Large-Scale Artisanal Fleet, which will govern the supply scheme for this important fishing fleet in the country, will guarantee the well-being and safety of fishermen and women.

Among the agreements signed in the document, it is established that they must belong to the Councils of Fishermen and Fishermen and Aquaculturists (Conppa), to guarantee the supply and have the vessels registered for the proper monitoring of the security bodies.

A review of the fuel system of the artisanal fishing sector was carried out, popular control of fuel in service stations, in addition to the characterization of vessels, in the state of Nueva Esparta.

Octopus fishing

In Nueva Esparta, work tables were held with fishermen, cavaneros and representatives of processing plants for the 2024 octopus season.

The El Tirano communities, Antolín del Campo municipality; and La Guardia, Díaz municipality, raised the proposals for operation, as well as the cost structure for the coming season.

It was agreed to approach 15 communities, together with the Popular Power, in order to carry out sampling in the fishing areas to verify the presence and availability of the resource this season, developing cost structures with the entire productive chain.

In addition, the processing plants will be visited to verify the availability of the cold chain and the purchasing capacity and to agree on the minimum price for the fishing season for the sector.

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