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Live the adventure and tour Margarita on two wheels

Get to know the beautiful landscapes of Pampatar and Porlamar on electric bicycles

The charm of Margarita Island, located in the state of Nueva Esparta, is indisputable. Its beaches, warm climate and lush landscapes make this destination an ideal place for lovers of adventure and exploration. And what better way to explore its charms than on board electric bicycles, a sustainable and exciting alternative to discover every corner of this Caribbean island.

With the sea breeze caressing their faces, visitors can enjoy tours of the island's cities, such as Porlamar and Pampatar, in the company of local guides who know perfectly the island's best-kept secrets. These tours offer the opportunity to delve into local history and culture, visiting historical monuments, traditional markets and picturesque fishing villages.

That is what V2 Aventuras offers, a tourism venture that has been in the island entity for three years, which won the 2023 National Tourism Award in the tourism innovation mention, sustainable tourism category.

Electric bicycles allow you to explore impressive natural landscapes on the island, such as the Pampatar salt flats, La Caracola beach, among others. Ecotourism enthusiasts will find in these excursions a unique way to connect with nature and live unforgettable experiences.

An adventure

“Our adventures are done in Porlamar and Pampatar, but in each of those cities we have several versions. For example, we have the adventure at dawn where we can observe the first flight of the flamingos with the beautiful colors of the Pampatar salt flats. Visit, for example, La Caracola and from there we go to the Faro de la Puntilla, a place that has a lot of history,” explained Nelson Villarroel, founder of V2 Aventuras.

One of the routes offered in Pampatar includes a visit to the San Carlos de Borromeo castle, a walk through the historic center of the city, a walk in the salt flats and a stop at the Punta Ballena Lighthouse.

The sea and land adventure, also in Pampatar, includes a kayak ride through the bay of this beautiful city.

If the tour is in Porlamar, it includes four stops: Paseo del Mar, Paseo Guaraguao, Faro de la Puntilla and Puerto Valdez. They stop in idyllic places to take a refreshing swim or simply relax and take in the scenery.

Pioneers with impact

Nelson Villarroel, founder of V2 Aventura, explained that this venture is a pioneer in Venezuela in the use of environmentally friendly electric vehicles. “We offer that interaction with the communities by supporting ventures and always highlighting our local history.”

"Our tourist tours seek a triple impact: first is to have the smallest possible footprint on the environment, then we have the social part, trying to include those sectors that are not always the most benefited in tourism and, finally, leaving a economic contribution in each of those places where we do our tours,” Villarroel explained.

Without a doubt, touring Margarita Island on an electric bicycle is an experience that combines adventure, culture and nature. A unique and exciting way to discover the charms of this Caribbean destination, enjoying every moment to the fullest and creating unforgettable memories. Without a doubt, a different and sustainable way to experience the magic of Margarita.


  • Route: V2 Aventuras offers four tours in Porlamar and Pampatar. Each tour is estimated to last between 3 and 4 hours, with stops at different places. For the school holidays (July-August), V2 Aventuras will have new routes to the beaches and towns of Antolín del Campo (Paraguachí), such as El Agua, Parguito, El Tirano and Manzanillo.
  • Cost: Each of the rides has a cost of $35, which includes vehicle rental, helmet, snack, hydration, guide and security.
  • How to get there?: To contact the route you must reserve by phone 0424-8296810 or through the Instagram account @v2aventuras.

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