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'Exoprimal' Open Beta Test Impressions

We got to try Exoprimal, the multiplayer action game developed by Capcom with lots of mutated dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures.

Over a year ago, during one of Sony PlayStation's State of Play, Capcom revealed what is one of its new intellectual properties. The game in question is Exoprimal, and the trailer that was released that day exploded on the internet. Lately, Capcom has been focused on restoring the quality and relevance of some of their most famous franchises like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter, so to see them take the risk with a new property is very exciting and interesting.

This past weekend, from Friday the 17th to the 19th of March, Capcom ran the first Open Beta Test of Exoprimal and we had the opportunity to play it and here are our impressions about this new and particular game coming from one of the most important developers of all times.

What is this multiplayer game with dinosaurs about?

Exoprimal is a first service game, the first that Capcom is trying to release on a large scale. Service games like Fortnite or League of Legends have undoubtedly been incredibly lucrative for their respective companies. But as we have seen in recent months, where a huge number of games of this style have passed away, maintaining a service game not only implies numerous updates and constant creation of content, but also making space in a genre that seems have already reached their ceiling.

The Exoprimal Open Beta Test gave us the opportunity to play throughout the weekend and try out what the game calls its main game mode, known as “Wargame.” This game mode consists of battles of 10 players divided into two groups of five. These players must go through a series of tests through a map, until they reach the final mission, where both teams will face each other to achieve victory.

Exoprimal is then presented as a strange combination of PvE and PvP elements all present within the same game. The result, at least during this first phase where the novelty of the concept no doubt earns it bonus points, is a hilarious and exciting race between the two teams. The level of strategy present in each of the maps and in the activities that must be carried out on them is quite optimal.

Many of the activities consist of simply eliminating exorbitant amounts of dinosaurs, but sometimes we are also given tasks such as eliminating a specific type of dinosaur or simply protecting an area from the attack of these dinosaurs that seem to come from another dimension. In general, the difficulty of these tasks is positioned on the easier side of the scale, but even so there must be a certain level of strategy, since the characters over which the player takes control are not exactly very resistant.

How to Play Exoprimal?

At first glance, Exoprimal's aesthetic surely reminds us of Anthem, EA and BioWare's failed attempt to enter this world of service games. Players will take control of a character that can be created from scratch using the game's creation tools. This mute protagonist will serve as our avatar. This character itself lacks any personality, but in reality this character turns out to be just a means by which to interact with the true protagonists of the game, the exosuits.

Just like in Anthem, the player will have a wide variety of exosuits at their disposal. Each exosuit has different weapons and abilities to adapt to each person's play style. Within this Open Beta Test we had the opportunity to select between ten different exosuits. The exosuits are grouped under the categories of "Assault", "Defense" and "Support" so it is very easy to select between them depending on what you want to do during each game.

The truth is that the variety is not only aesthetic and that having a balanced team between the three archetypes is essential to achieve victory. On several occasions I had to play in a team without support characters, who are the ones who can regenerate the life of the team and without a doubt those games were the most difficult of the weekend and they all ended in defeat. While those made with a balanced team are not only more entertaining but also more close and exciting.

One of the best things about this Open Beta Test is the tutorial when you first enter the game. The tutorial is not only quite clear on what it wants to teach, but it is also done within an area created solely for player training. Within this area, players will be able to practice with each of the different exosuits, until they find their favorite and master the different abilities of each one.

Another thing that also makes Exoprimal stand out from other games of this type is that players are not forced to play with the exosuit they chose at the beginning of the game. We can change from one exosuit to another with a simple menu as many times as we want during the game, which allows players to adapt to the different situations that arise. This ability certainly makes every game saveable. It's pretty exciting to see how you and your teammates make spur-of-the-moment decisions regarding which exosuit to use in each situation.

We got to try Exoprimal, the multiplayer action game developed by Capcom with lots of mutated dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures.

The exosuits are a fabulous tool, each one beautifully crafted and reflecting the flexibility of the RE Engine to create basically anything the developers at Capcom can think of. The fact that this game, along with Street Fighter 6, Monster Hunter Rise, and the latest Resident Evil, are all built on the same graphics engine is pretty amazing. The RE Engine also notes great stability in terms of performance. My experience with the Open Beta Test was done while playing on a PlayStation 5 and the performance was pretty solid. Even when the screen is filled with hundreds of dinosaurs, the game manages to remain stable.

Is Exoprimal Worth Playing?

After my experience with this Open Beta Test, I must say that Exoprimal is shaping up to be another game that reveals Capcom's incredible talent as a developer. The matches within the "Wargame" mode are truly amazing and knowing that there will be more maps and more exosuits with the final release of the game in July, makes the game quite tempting to acquire.

It is true that perhaps after many hours the "Wargame" mode can start to feel quite repetitive. It's up to Capcom to keep these missions fresh and create constant contention so that players always have something new to try, be it weapons, new abilities or new exosuits or enemies. Capcom certainly has a pretty awesome premise to work with, but it's going to take a lot of work to keep players coming back again and again.

The Open Beta Test also left it a mystery which other game modes will be present in the final release, but we know from the trailers that there will also be a whole campaign with story and characters as part of the experience. If this campaign ends up having the quality of the campaigns of some of the last Resident Evil, it might even be worth playing Exoprimal without touching the online component. We'll see on July 14, when Exoprimal is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Steam, and as part of Game Pass for all subscribers.

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