Román Chalbaud

Román Chalbaud is a living legend of national theater and cinema, which is always being updated. In October he will put out his 90 candles, but for 70 years he has filled the pages of our cultural work thanks to his dramaturgy and his films.

Chalbaud considers that reading opens his senses and stimulates his creativity: “There are many books (laughs), but there are some that always come to mind. One is Homer's Odyssey. I read it as a child and it sparked my imagination in an incredible way. It left me wanting to keep reading ”.

Doña Bárbara de Rómulo Gallegos is his second selection: "for me his reading was very important because it immersed me in the reality of the country and power."

He considers that the entire work of William Shakespeare should or should not be read by theatricals: “Drama, comedy, passions mark his pieces. However, Hamlet and also Othello are essential for the passions they transmit. They are universal ”. The Russian Fyodor Dostoyevsky considers all his work to be key: “There is poetry, although it explores human psychology in a complex political, social and spiritual context. His main book is Crime and Punishment ”.

He admits that he really likes dense authors and that they demand of him as a reader. Hence, The Century of Lights by Cuban Alejo Carpentier "is a reading that grabs you from the first page."



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