Sylvia Constantinidis

Beethoven the Master.

The work of the Margarite-born master pianist and composer Sylvia Constantinidis is widely recognized in the world of symphonic music and opera.

She has been a soloist with the best orchestras in the world and has received many awards, while she has developed an arduous and extensive research on the influence of symphonic music and piano practice on the cognitive and intellectual development of children .

From that research, five publications emerged that are part of the Aventuras de Joasylandia collection, dedicated to contributing to the development of the little ones and are the ones recommended below.

A musical journey into space. “Here we talk about Gustave Hoslt and his work Los Planetas. They all seek to arouse curiosity in them and provide them with information, ”she said.

It is followed by A musical trip to Vienna, about Mozart and his work, The Magic Flute: and completes the trilogy, A musical trip to Russia, about Tchaikovsky and The Nutcracker.

They are followed by the most recent publications of the author, Mozart in Concert and Beethoven el Maestro, which are complemented by the album Pour Les Enfants: A Latin American Anthology of Music written inspired by childhood, which "offers music of the highest level and seeks to motivate learning among children and young people ”.



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