Pedro Gonzalez

Pedro González Amaya is a trumpet player, but he has also conducted and is currently president of the Venezuelan Symphonic Orchestra Society, apart from having been musical director of the Caracas Martial Band. Now he “eagerly” assumed the baton of the newly founded Big Band Banana.

Despite so many occupations, reading relaxes him a lot: “Imagine yourself. Are so many. An essential one is The Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano, because it is a very illuminating book on the Latin American situation of yesterday and today, seen historically ”.

“Of course, music books because I am a musician. I especially like a series by Salvat where there is a special collection of great composers and protagonists of XNUMXth century music. It cannot be missing in a home, especially if it is for musicians. Of course, the musical theme gives many more recommendations.

A musician must be in continuous training ”, he stated categorically. This director and director has other, not so academic alternatives. In fiction did not hesitate to quote Jules Verne: “I liked him a lot when I was a child, because it awoke your fantasy, it opened your mind to other options. He is excellent From the Earth to the Moon, although there are others of his authorship that are always worth having. I wish the children would read Verne ”.



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